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JESC 2018 | BBC will be given priority over Wales at Junior Eurovision

The last ten rehearsals have finished. Thirty minutes later, Jon Ola Sand the executive producer of the Eurovision, and Junior Song Contest was grilled by the press. There were many questions fired at him. However, there was one question that really struck up a bit of interest in the packed room, and that is the question of the United Kingdom, and Wales.

It was put to him that If the UK were to want to come back to Junior Eurovision, what would happen to Wales? The simple answer would be the BBC, and the United Kingdom would get it, and Wales could not send a representative as an independent nation, but as the UK instead. The reason behind this was that the United Kingdom represents all four nations, and Wales would be represented this way. Therefore they would be given priority.

After this had been explained the welsh broadcast channel thanked the EBU, and BTRC for the opportunity to participate, and for the professionalism on all sides.

This may be a bit of a disappointment for Wales, and S4C who have absolutely excelled in Minsk. They have put on a superb national final, they have chosen an excellent singer, song, and staging. They have also put a lot of passion, and effort in to the contest. More importantly, they have taken it seriously, and taken the whole competition to their hearts. Welsh national pride has certainly excelled in this contest.

Regardless of Sunday's final position, or if the BBC put in a bid to participate, the team at S4C should be so proud that they have done so much for country, and the Junior Eurovision. Wales have earn't their place at this competition. Eurovoxx had the pleasure of talking to the delegation, and have been impressed with their passion for the Junior Eurovision.

What do you think of this? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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