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Jesc 2018 | 'Amazing, Special, And Doing Our Bit' - That is Manw From Wales

It was certainly the press conference that Eurovoxx were waiting for. For us, Manw really has been the "seren" since she was selected to represent Wales. In her second rehearsal the young singer just seemed to have gotten better, and better. Small touches such as darkened eye shadow, really made the difference in the presentation of the song. After each rehearsal the applause was loud, with the audience really warming to the song. Certainly, team Eurovoxx love this song, and are behind it all the way. Manw and the delegation from Wales were soon to make their way to the press conference where she was warmly received.

The interview began with Manw, and the team explaining to the host that Wales was a separate country to England, and although it is part of the United Kingdom, it has its own laws, parliament, and language.

Anyone who has met Manw will tell you that she radiates happiness, and positivity. She told the press that she started singing since the age of four, and has been doing so ever since. The talented singer is quite an accomplished performer, and has appeared at the National Eisteddfod of Wales several times as a singer, and as a performer. Her experience clearly shows in all her performances so far in Minsk.

We interviewed Manw, please check it out below:

Manw told us a little more about herself, she has two older brothers, and two dogs. The singer is very athletic, and gladly told everyone that her favourite sport was long distance running. She has also been skiing since the age of two, with her father being quite the professional at it. Singing and acting are her main priorities however. Of acting, she would like to be an actress for both Wales, and British programmes in a bid to showcase her talent, and promote Wales.

Manw told the press that she had felt extremely comfortable on stage, and that having the dancers there gives her more confidence. You can see their friendship when they perform. There was even a hint there maybe tiny changes, but over all, Manw is so happy with the way things are going. The Welsh star even said she wouldn't mind representing the United Kingdom at adult Eurovision too, and her Junior Eurovision participation is a rehearsal for the adult show.

Being in Minsk has given Manw the chance to miss lots school where her favourite subjects are P.E, and drama, she did joke mathematics to appease our host.

The contest is, "a massive privilege, and a's amazing, special, and I am doing my bit", was Manw's response to what she felt about being Wales' first representative. The Welsh singer was highly impressed with the high standard of the songs this year.

The message of "Perta" is a poignant one, and it is about young people, and how they need to see the planet, and look after it. Considering the current state of the environment it is certainly relevant to today. She also acknowledges Ywain Gwynedd, who is the composer of the song, and one of her favourite song writers, and singers.

There was a huge applause when she knew the name of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch, which is the longest place name in Wales, and Europe. Most would struggle at the first two letters. Manw told the press, that it was her dream to succeed as a singer, and actor. This weeks rehearsals have shown that she has certainly succeeded.

When the interview ended it was nice to see how well regarded she was. Whatever the score, the singer has made an impact on those who have seen her.

Eurovoxx are so pleased that Wales are represented this year. They, and Manw have done an amazing job. Everyone should be so proud at what has been achieved in Minsk.

Manw will perform 18th on Sunday, and whatever the result will be Wales' best position at the contest. Do you like the song? Do you think Wales will do well? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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