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JESC 2019 | Host country yet to be decided

Executive Producer for Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, Jon Ola Sand, is in Minsk, Belarus ahead of the Junior Eurovision taking place on Sunday. Whilst here, he took part in an online press conference where he talked about the host country for next years contest, among many other things.

Jon Ola Sand had this to say:

"Regarding the country that will host Junior Eurovision 2019, the decision has not yet been made. But we will consider the possibility that the winner of this year will hold the competition in their own country. However, it should be noted that many countries want to host this competition, they see what is happening in Belarus, and would like to arrange a competition of the same scale."

The Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC have already confirmed that they would not be submitting a bid to host next years contest, and as of yet, no other country has made any announcements on whether they would be interested in submitting a bid or not.

After Russia's win in last years Junior Eurovision in Georgia, the Russian broadcaster expressed an interest in hosting the contest, but they haven't said anything more on the matter.

So which country would you like the contest to go to next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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