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JESC 2018 | Marija Spasovska- 'I Have A Prayer For Children'

There is no doubt that when it came to the rehearsals today, Marija Spasovska's song, "Doma" was certainly one of those stand out ones. The song really tells a story, and is sung with a lot of passion. When she finished her rehearsals you could feel how emotive it had made people. Certainly, it deserved the praise that it had got. After she had performed, Marija, and her delegation came to the press centre, and was very humble in answering the many questions that would come their way.

One of the first questions that was to be asked at the press centre was about the song, and the message that it conveyed. Of this, the young singer said, "everyone deserves a home... I have a prayer for children, and for people on the streets". She was keen that everyone deserves a chance. In a year of powerful ballads, this is certainly one powerful message to broadcast.

One of the poignant moments in the song is when Marija strips off the black cloak to reveal a stunning white dress. The talented singer told the press it was to, "show the transition from a sad kid to a happy kid". She wanted it to symbolise that everyone should be happy, and everyone deserves to have a home. Her official video, and performance really tells a story. Please check below the Eurovoxx first rehearsal review:

We believe this could be another song that is a serious contender to win the competition. It is no surprise then when she said she was in it to win it. Marija was asked about her favourite colour, to which pink, and red was the answer given.

Of the competition, she said it was more than she expected. "I never prepare for anything... I live for the moment", was the young singers response when asked about preparation for the contest. Of the competition Marija told us that, "I like everything and every song", but did say Serbia, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan were ones she particularly supported. "I made friends with everyone. We speak to each other."

On such a positive note, the press conference ended. On Sunday Marija will be performing in 16th place. It's such an emotive song. Do you like it? Do you think it could do well? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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