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JESC 2018 | Jael Shows That She Is A 'Champion' After The Second Rehearsal

Australia once again shone in their second rehearsal's today. Jael Wena who has always been one of our favourites really stood out once again, and blew everyone away with her stunning vocals. The staging, voice, was just perfect, with Jael bringing so much talent to the stage that it was difficult not to have noticed her. Eurovoxx believes she could be one of the contenders for the Eurovision crown this year. After her performance, the whole delegation, who were extremely friendly held a press conference in which journalists both local, and international fired questions to this years Australian representative.

Jael started by telling everyone of her journey to Junior Eurovision, she had entered a competition called, "Fast Track", and that her manager had encouraged her to go for it, she entered, won it, and was put forward to Junior Eurovision.

When asked how her friends had reacted, Jael told an eager crowd that she is now a little bit of celebrity. People ask for her picture, and autograph. That never used to happen before. Also, the singers friends are extremely supportive, and prior to leaving for Minsk, they decorated her school locker with messages of encouragement. Jael also told the press that she loves contemporary pop music.

Anyone with a decent knowledge of a map can't help notice that Australia is on the other side of the world. She was asked how she managed to stay fresh considering the flight was 23 hours long. The talented singer told the reporters that she was jet lagged on day one, but had managed to stay alert since she had several good nights sleep. Check out our reaction to Australia's first rehearsal below:

Jael told the reporters that Belarus was the coldest country that she had ever been too. She also told us of her love for singing, and that it had always been a big part of her life. When asked what she liked about Minsk, the Australian star surprised everyone by saying, "beautiful footpaths, they are so wide in Belarus. I love the city". She had no chance to do any sight seeing but, "I bought a lot of clothes.... I love the shopping centres". Just like any young person, she loves her clothes.

Since coming to Belarus Jael has made lots of new friends, and had the most amazing, happy time. This clearly radiates from her when you see the smiley Australian. The "Champion" singer clearly believes she has met wonderful individuals, and believes she has become friends with a group of extra ordinary people.

Of the song, the singer told everyone that, "it's about who you are... if you are pursuing your dreams you can. You can be anyone. You can stand up and go for what you want to do. You can be a champion". This in the spirit of the Junior Eurovision is such a nice message . The song, and the contest has changed Jael's life, and she is so thankful for this.

The press conference ended with a well deserved round of applause. It also saw Jael greet many new fans that she has made along the way.

Australia will be singing on the 12th spot come Sunday. The country have picked an absolutely fantastic artist who is equally matched with charisma, stage presence, and a stunning voice. This is a real contender for the crown, and rightly so.

All the team would like to wish her the very best of luck come Sunday. We are sure it will do well.

Do you like the song? Would you like to see "Champion" win? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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