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JESC 2018 | "It Is About Your Voice, And What You Want" Tamar Tells Press

This year Georgia will be represented by Tamar Edilashvili with the song "Your Voice". Today, in Minsk she had her second rehearsal, and this girls voice shows no sign of slowing down. After her performance, a press conference was held in which she keenly answered questions from a very eager awaiting press.

The interview started with Tamar, and the delegation being introduced. The talented singer stated that she had always wanted to do Junior Eurovision, and that ambition had started at around 8 or 9. She loves the lime light that the contest is giving her, as it is a proper platform to perform. She would love to be recognised internationally, and wants people to know her voice.

Of her singing career, she amused the press by telling them that both parents conflict when she started singing. With her mum she started age one, and her Dad argues it was two years old. Musically, it is Whitney Housten, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson that are her inspirations. Of the song, and what it means, she says, "It's about your voice, and using it for doing what you want".

As you can imagine with a competition like this, the young star does not get much free time when she has been in Belarus. She has made friends since being here, admits the participants are friendly, and cute. However, they tend to interact more with each other in Belarus via social media. This is the same while she is at home, however she does enjoy singing, and reading the news.

Check out the Eurovoxx review of Georgia blow:

No-one could fail to notice how good her English is, and she told a very impressed press conference that she had learned the language in secondary school, and that she studies hard to get good grades.

She is one of eight siblings, so has to stand out. This is something she is doing rather well at the contest. She admits she loves her family. It is her family that make her happy. Chocolate is another thing that tends to have this effect too.

The press conference ended with everyone scrambling to take her picture with her.

Georgia will perform 13th in the final on Sunday. They have won the contest three times before, can she make it a fourth? We would like to wish Tamar, and Georgia all the best.

What do you think of the song? Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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