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JESC 2018 | A Star Is Born - 'I Have 50 Dolls' Efi Admits To Press

It was the second rehearsal for Efi Gjika who performed her very infectious song, "Barbie" again. The rehearsals went extremely well, and she made quite the impression. After this, the Albanian delegation held a press conference where the young star made quite the impact. Dressed in her trademark, pink and purple tracksuit, she was more than happy to answer the questions put to her by the local, and international press.

The interview began with her telling everyone that she really enjoyed her first rehearsal, and performing on stage. She absolutely loves the contest, and has a tremendous feeling when performing in Minsk. Just sitting in the room, you could tell a star was being born. We will definitely see her again in the future, when the contest is over.

When asked about the song "Barbie", and if she had barbies, she chuckled and said, "I have 50 dolls", and couldn't help but say that her favourite doll is called Unicorn, which has been brought with her all the way to Minsk. Apparently it talks to her and says, "Hey Efi you are a champion".

Of her favourite singers, and influences which has been quite a common question asked to the artists, the Albanian star said, "Imagine the Dragon, Demi Levato, and Beyone" were amongst her favourites. Check out the Eurovoxx review of Albania's first rehearsal below:

Efi was all smiles, and very charming. You could tell that the "Super Star" in the making was enjoying herself. A member of the press commented at his surprise at her not having a barbie on the stage. You could really see her thinking that they had missed out on an opportunity there.

Unsurprisingly, Pink is amongst one of Efi's favourite colours. She also says that light blue, and purple too are other colours she likes. The star told everyone, "I love to dance, and sing" which clearly shows in her performances. With this in mind she added that when she grows up, Efi would like to be an actress, and play a funny character, just to make people laugh.

The interview ended with Efi telling the press that she had tried local Belarus cuisine, and that she did like it, and if people were to visit Albania, they would have to try the local cuisine of beans. When the press conference was over, the young singer was very happy to pose for pictures with her fans.

This young star has it all, she is talented, charismatic, and loves being at Junior Eurovision. On Sunday, she will be performing 4th. What do you think of Efi's chances on Sunday? Do you like the song? Please let us know in the comments below.

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