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Italy | Francesca Michielin brings new sound with 'FEMME'

In today's instalment of 'New Music of the Day', we take a look at Francesca Michielin's new single 'FEMME'. Known to many Italian fans ahead of her Eurovision appearance, Michielin gained a lot of attention across Europe after finishing second in Sanremo 2016 and then being chosen to represent Italy at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. Her cute ballad 'No Degree of Separation' placed 16th in the final with 124 points and she has gone on to release a number of great tracks since including 'Vulcano', 'Io non abito al mare' and 'Bolivia' however new single 'FEMME' goes down a different, more dance pop influenced path.

Posting on her Facebook, Francesca Michielin has said that the song resembles 'a new dance, analog and electronic project' and you can definitely tell after listening to the single that it is packed to the brim with electronic synths. It's a new sound for Michielin however it definitely works and the softness in her voice compliments the beats well. There's no music video yet but check out the new single here:

Saturday marks the start of Francesca's tour "Sopra La Techno" which will see her perform in clubs across Italy over the next couple of weeks. The single was released on Friday 16th November and can now be streamed on Spotify and purchased on Itunes, Amazon Music and Deezer.

'FEMME' does not feature on Francesca's latest album - "2640" - which was released at the start of 2018 which could potentially mean that this could be the start of a new electronic-influenced era for the young singer! Relive her moment on the Eurovision stage below.

Are you a fan of Francesca and her new sound? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow Eurovoxx on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for all the latest Eurovision news, artist updates and video content!

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