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United Kingdom | New Music from Lindsay Dracass!

Lindsay Dracass was propelled into the limelight and global media attention when at the age of just 16, she was selected to represent the United Kingdom at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest with the ahead-of-its-time ‘No Dream Impossible’ which went on to place 15th in Copenhagen. 17 years later, and after impressing audiences over the Summer at events including Stockholm Pride and Eurostarz, she’s back better than ever with her new single ‘Not Mine’ – which was released on November 20th 2018. Make sure to give it a listen!

After her Eurovision success and with a hit single under her belt, Lindsay joined up with musical legend Paul Carrack to add her vocal harmonies to his sound and toured as a backing vocalist across Europe and beyond, supporting huge bands including The Eagles! Hoping to build on the success of her first single, Lindsay is hoping to re-launch her career as a solo artist, recording a new album ‘Waiting For You’ which is due for release in February 2019. Check out Lindsay performing her fresh new single 'Not Mine' with a beautiful studio live performance here:

Written by Julian Jones and produced by Aidan Thompson, ‘Not Mine’ showcases Lindsay’s powerhouse vocals which wrap themselves effortlessly around the melody and captivate the soul. The passion radiates from her voice which really conveys the emotion which has us VERY excited for the upcoming album! The single was released earlier this week (November 20th) so make sure to check it out, stream it on Spotify and Apple Music and it can also be purchased by clicking HERE.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Lindsay (in my first ever interview!) at Eurostarz in London ahead of her performance so if you haven't already make sure to check out what Lindsay had to say. We discussed all things Eurovision, that infamous tracksuit and also about her more recent projects including her awesome YouTube uploads and also her appearance on BBC One entertainment show 'All Together Now'.

Let us know your thoughts on Lindsay's new single and make sure to follow Eurovoxx on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for all the latest Eurovision news, artist updates and exclusive video content!

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