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Sweden | More Artists Rumoured For Melodifestivalen 2019

With less than a week before Sweden officially announce the 28 acts that will be present in their national final for 2019, it would seem that rumour mill has gone into over drive recently. This morning the tabloid paper Aftonbladet has released a list of four other potential artists that may be appearing in the Melodifestivalen 2019.

The entertainment magazine has revealed four names that could be doing their part in trying to represent Sweden at next year's Eurovision in Tel Aviv. It has been said that, Hanna Ferm, Dolly Style, John Lundvik and Magnus Carlsson are all tipped to be present.

It has also been reported that not all names have been finalised yet, and that Christer Björkman is still currently working on the final 28, that will be revealed in a press conference next week.

Dolly Style

The first artist Aftonbladet reveal, is the girl group Dolly Style who have been working on a new song over the last few months. The groups Instagram has also posted that there will be a new "Polly" this year. So a slightly new line up. At Melodifestivalen, the girl group debuted in 2015 with the song "Hello Hi". The song made it to the second chance round, but failed to make it to the Melodifestivalen final. It charted at number 32 in Sweden. Their second attempt came in 2016 with the song, "Rollercoaster", again making it to the second chance round, but failing to make it to the final. Her song charted at number 27. Her best chart result. Check out their song, "Hello Hi" here:

Hanna Fern

Hanna Fern is an 18 year old singer, and is tipped to enter the competition. She competed in Idol in 2017, where she finished an impressive second. She has more recently sung a duet with Bragi Bergsson for TV'4's talent hunt. Check out here performance of "Crazy" in idol here:

Magnus Carlsson

Magnus is yet another name tipped to be performing at Melodifestivalen 2019. Anyone that follows the contest will know the 44 year old is no stranger to the show. He has performed with the group Alcazar who sang, "Not a sinner, nor a saint" in 2003, and also 2005 with the song, "Alcastar". On both ocassions they both managed to reach the finals. He would soon after go solo, and leave the band. As a soloist he entered the Melodifestivalen with "Lev Livet!" in 2006. It would reach the finals, and hit number 1 in the Swedish charts. A year later he would "Live Forever", which didn't make the final, but it became a hit charting at 3, and being one of the most played songs in Sweden that year. Check out Live Forever below:

John Lundvik

John is another artist that is highly tipped to be in the announced artists next week. He is known for taking part in the Melodifestivalen 2018 where his song "My turn" qualified to the final, coming third over all. The song charted at number 10 in Sweden. He is also an accomplished athlete, competing in many competitions. Check out his 2018 performance here:

This years competition will consist of four semi finals on the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd February. The second chance round will be on the 2nd March, whilst the grand final will be held on the 9th March 2019. It will be hosted by Sarah Dawn Finer, Kodjo Akolor, Marika Carlsson, and Eric Saade. So far, Aftonbladet has issued a list of names totaling around 20.

Would you like to see any of these artists compete next year? Who would you like to see? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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