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JESC 2018 | Day 2: The First Rehearsals Continue - Part 2

Today, both Chris and Jess will be coming live from the Minsk Arena where they will watch the live rehearsals from the first ten countries. Today we saw the first 10 countries to take to the stage in Minsk Arena for their first time. This story will contain the last five rehearsals from today, where their performance will be reviewed. Let's see how they got on!

Poland - Roksana Węgiel - "Anyone I Want To Be"

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Joined on stage by a group of dancers and backing singers, who are all dressed in a combination of white and neon yellow, Poland are definetley bringing the Polish Power to the Minsk Arena! Despite all the dancing and movement going on, Roksana is holding her vocal very well and is reaching those high notes with ease. Roksana and her dancers look very happy and confident, and are interacting very well with each other, making very good use of the stage. Could Poland be on course to achieving their best result in Junior Eurovision?

Portugal - Rita Laranjeira - "Gosto de Tudo (Já Não Gosto de Nada)

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Up next is Rita from Portugal. Rita may be alone on stage, (well, except for an armchair!) but her stage presence and charm are enough to fill not only the stage, but the whole arena! Wearing a lovely blue and red dress, with very colourful graphics, Rita looks confident and very happy up on that stage, and she is making good use of the stage too, moving around with ease. Rita connects very well with the camera as well, which can be quite endearing for the audience. One thing to watch out for is the clever camera work! We think this song could achieve Portugal's best Junior Eurovision result, what do you think?

Russia - Anna Filipchuk - "Unbreakable"

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Russia is up next and it looks like they've brought their official music video to the Minsk Arena stage! Sporting a double denim jumpsuit with a splash of pink (that can also be seen in her hair!), Anna is surrounded on stage by backing instrumentalists. Anna appeared very confident and at home on the stage, and was delivering a very strong vocal. Watch out for the impressive light show and colourful graphics throughout her performance! With her catchy and motivational song, we're sure Russia will score another top 10 in Junior Eurovision!

What country do you think has had the best first rehearsal? Let us know in the comments below!

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