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JESC 2018 | Day 2: First Rehearsals Continue

Chris and Jess are here again to give you the lowdown on the remaining four countries to take to the stage for their first rehearsals. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see

Serbia - Bojana Radovanović - "Svet"

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Bojana shined on stage in a beautiful white dress with a matching hair accessory. Standing alone on stage, she commanded the stage with her endearing personality and character, and she looked very comfortable and happy being on the Junior Eurovision stage, despite a few Bojana gave a very captivating performance of her song, and brought a bit of a magical touch to the stage. Keep an eye out for the glitter and sparkle! Bojana wowed us all with her impressive vocals, and we think that this song will get a good result for Serbia.

The Netherlands - Max and Anne - "Samen"

Next up are Dutch Duo Max and Anne. Both in white, with some added sparkle, the duo gave a lovely performance of their song, that captivated you into their little world. The duo, at first, appeared to be nervous on stage and it felt like there was some chemistry lacking between the two of them; however, as the rehearsals went on, they really improved and appeared to be more confident on stage. The staging is very simplistic, but very fitting to the style of the song, with Max and Anne being joined by a few backing dancers that really add to the whole performance and song. The duo were giving us very good, strong vocals, and they hit the high notes without any problems!

Ukraine - Darina Krasnovetska - "Say Love"

Darina the powerhouse is in the house! Or should I say, Minsk Arena! She stormed onto the stage with a very powerful and impressive performance of her song, and let everyone know that she was here! Darina has kept her staging and styling similar to what we saw in her official music video. Darina and her megaphone are alone on stage, and they are accompanied by striking images and song lyrics popping up behind her throughout the performance. Ukraine have gone with a white and red colour scheme this year, which works very well together and her whole look seems very casual with a hint of hip-hop and r'n'b. We think Darina will achieve a very good result for Ukraine. Check out the first rehearsal here:

Wales - Manw - "Berta"

The last to rehearse today were Maw and her dancers from Wales, and we can see a big change compared to the national final performance. Manw, shining bright in her red jacket and trousers combo, is surrounded by four dancers, who are sparkling in their black coloured outfits. All five girls appear to have a great connection on stage, and they all deliver a very powerful and imposing performance, with colourful floral images surrounding the stage, that somewhat remind us of the Welsh countryside. Manw, as always, delivered a strong vocal performance and appeared to be very confident on stage. We think Wales have certainly made a great first impression and let's hope they're here to stay!

check out the first rehearsal here:

Which country do you think has had the best first rehearsal overall? Let us know in the comments below!

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