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JESC 2018 | President of Belarus meets the Junior Eurovision 2018 Participants

It was the first full day of rehearsals for ten of the artists today. However, there was a big adventure in store for all twenty contestants of the Junior Eurovision, as they all met up with the President of Belarus earlier in Minsk.

All twenty of the competitiers of this years Junior Eurovision traveled to the Palace of Independence to meet with President Lukashenko of Belarus. The President had spoken to all of the children, but it was no surprise to hear from him that he was a big fan of Eurovision. The honour was more his in the end.

The President commented that, "You must be proud, and happy that you are the winners in your counries, and now I wish you good luck".

Also, there were past Belarusian participants Ksenia Sitnik, Olga Satsyuk and Lidiya Zablotskaya. They all exchanged photo's and talked for a little while. Today, would certainly be a memorable one for everyone present. The President told all of this years participants that he would be watching Sunday's final. After the meeting, sweets, and a book about Belarus was given.

The first ten countries have performed their first rehearsals. Tomorrow will see Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, The Netherlands, Ukraine and Wales all sing for the first time on the big stage.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of our live reviews, and commentaries on the first rehearsals.

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