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JESC 2018 | Day 1: The First Rehearsals Continue - Part 2

Today, both Chris and Jess will be coming live from the Minsk Arena where they will watch the live rehearsals from the first ten countries. Today we saw the first 10 countries to take to the stage in Minsk Arena for their first rehearsal. This story will contain the first five, where their performance will be reviewed. Let's see how they got on!

France - Angélina - "Jamais Sans Toi"

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The next country up is one of the fans favourite Angélina with the song "Jamais Sans Toi". The first thing you notice is that it is very French, they have certainly stamped their countries mark on this first rehearsal. The backing stage displaces an Eiffel Towel set in an autumnal setting. The staging is perfect for Angelina. Another sweet, innocent, yet energetic performance. Her performance makes you want to smile, it is very cute and sweet, and she is delivering very good vocals. You can see why this is fan favourite. This time the dancers suit the performance, and give it added energy. It is well choreographed, slick. It seems to want to take you back to your childhood.

F.Y.R Macedonia - "Marija Spasovska - Doma"

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It's F.Y.R. Macedonia's turn to "Light Up" the stage in Minsk. She certainly did this. The song is very haunting, and ethnic, and genuinely gives you that goosebumps feeling. She starts off kneeled down with a black cloak, but then re-emerges with a white dress. It puts you in mind of a duckling transforming in to a Swan. Marija can sing, and she had some of the strongest vocals of the day. The staging and singing is so pretty and captivating. The rain effect gives it that little extra edge, but It doesn't feel over the top either. Eurovoxx are predicting Marija will achieve F.Y.R. Macedonia's best ever result in Junior Eurovision.

Georgia - Tamar Edilashvili - "Your Voice".

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It is the turn of last year's host Georgia to sing. Tamar is imposing as she starts to sing. There is a hint of coldplay to the song. You can clearly see why this song is highly regarded. This talented singer has a powerful voice. It is a catchy song, and there is plenty of eye contact with the camera. She draws you in. Wow, another voice that hits those high notes. You cannot believe that someone so young could hit those notes. The staging is very busy, however it does suit the song well. It's been difficult not to like any songs, or find any faults.

Ireland - Taylor Hynes - "I.O.U"

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Now it is the time for Ireland. This is one of the favorites of the team that are in Belarus reporting today. The first thing to note is the staging is so colourful, and very 70's hippy-like, which is very similar to his official video. It somewhat reminds you of Destiny Chukunyere "Not My Soul" that won for Malta in 2015. Could this be a good omen? Taylor proves he can sing, and performs so well. The dancers do work. Personally, this one stands out a mile, it's catchy, edgy, modern, and Taylor can sing. Oh the Gaelic language is so beautiful!

Albania- Efi Gjika - "Barby"

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She was expected to be first to perform, but has been one of the last today. The best way to describe this performance is very pink and purple, very pop and very perfect. It was most certainly worth the wait, and you can understand why many people have this song in their top 3. It would be nice to have a little more movement, maybe add one or two dancers, but it is certainly song that you can top your feet too. We believe this will score well.

Belarus - Daniel Yastremski - "Time"

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Next up is home boy Daniel who definitely got some applause. He is the final act to perform their first rehearsal. This is probably one of the most modern sounding songs in the contest, yet at the same time, has a 90s hip hop, r'n'b vibe to it. He sings it well, and his performance is very slick. The staging too is particularly impressive. However, is there a lot going on in the background to keep up. Regardless, we are sure that Daniel will do his country proud. Good Luck Belarus.

What was your favourite rehearsal today? Let us know in the comments below!

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