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JESC 2018 | Blog Day 3 - Nothing Major Happened, Rehearsals Went Superb.

Day three had begun a lot better. Both Jess and I managed to get up early enough to enjoy the continental breakfast at our hotel, which was very tasty. We both managed to pack our equipment, and for once prepared for the day ahead. The taxi had been booked, and we managed to get to the press centre with absolutely no hitches.

At the press centre which was smaller than expected, we were one of the first there. We had chosen our tables, and settled down to a very hard days slog. Everything was going fine until the computer turned on. As usual, the same hitches that have haunted the last few days re-appeared. Unfortunately the wifi wouldn't connect, and typing articles seemed almost impossible. Fortunately, a room full of computer experts seemed to have sorted out the situation sooner rather than later.

The day had started in full swing with Armenia performing, then Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Ireland, Albania then Belarus. It has been a busy day keeping everything up to date, and posting live updates. As a team we managed it well, and were more than prepared. Ireland, and Australia were the favourite of myself, whilst Jess had voted Austraila, Ireland, and Armenia. We did manage to do one review of the first three songs outside. Big Mistake. It was so cold that by the end of the four minutes, both of us were shivering, and teeth chattering. The things we do for the love of Eurovision, and the Junior Eurovision.

Most of the day has been spent in the very small press centre. Unfortunately, not everything had been set up so no access to food, and drink. As this is being written, eating Jess' arm looks very appealing at the moment. It was a long day, but there were some great first rehearsals, and many of the artist should be proud. This is my first ever press accredited event, and to say i wasn't having a great time would be an understatement. Both myself, and Jess were kept really busy. However, this is what we love, certainly, there is nothing that beats the buzz of seeing the artists you like sing their songs so well.

Very soon our first rehearsal videos will be released. Go to our official YouTube channel and check them out.

The first full day of rehearsals, was everything I expected it to be, and more. Here is to day two!!!!

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