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JESC 2018 | Ukraine Opens, Poland Closes, Hosts Belarus Perform Eighth

Tonight the opening ceremony of Junior Eurovision 2018 took place. After the acts were introduced officially and walked the red carpet, the draw to determine who will open and close the show took place as well as deciding where Belarus will take part in the show.

Firstly it was determined where Belarus will perform. The hosts of the show came out onto the stage and were faced with a container will all twenty numbers inside. they picked a number at number and it was the number eight, meaning they shall perform eighth. Next Helena Meraai, Belarus's 2017 Junior Eurovision representative, stepped up to determine the show opener, in a separate container having all the countries named inside each ball, the ball Helena picked was Ukraine meaning Ukraine shall open the show, finally the third host did the same for the closer and selected Poland, meaning Poland will close the show on Sunday.

The remaining seventeen songs placing in the running orders will be determined by the EBU and producers of the show and will be revealed at a later date.

Stay tuned as #TeamEurovoxx keep you up to date with all the latest Junior Eurovision news over the next week and make sure to subscribe/follow/like us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for all the latest updates!

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