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Sweden | Melodifestivalen Artists Revealed November 27th

It's one of Sweden's staple shows in the year, but tonight we have confirmation of when the artists competing in the forthcoming Melodifestivalen shall be announced.

Confirmed via social media, it has been confirmed that the 28 acts due to take place in Melodifestivalen, Sweden's hit singing competition as well as selection format for Eurovision, will be announced in a press conference on November 27th.

Last year Sweden was represented by Benjamin Ingrosso with "Dance You Off" where despite placing second with the juries in the Grand Final, he placed 23rd with the public and ended 7th overall, this year the voting will also undergo a few visual changes it has been noted, including the on screen heart, which has been used since 2015 which beats faster and glows brighter the more votes a song recives during the performance via the app will no longer be visible on screen, this is in a response to many people claiming if they saw a song they liked doing poorly on the app the vote, they would not vote for it after all the acts have performed or were at least less inclined to.

Once again 28 artists will compete over four semi finals, one second chance round and a grand final, culminating on March 9th in Stockholm, with many names swirling round being rumoured to be taking place such as Nano, Wiktoria and Jon-Henrik Fjalgren.

Let us know which artists you hope will be taking part and follow Eurovoxx on our social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest Eurovision news and video content.

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