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Timebelle & SunStroke Project bring the party with 'Tocame'

November 17, 2018

They represented Switzerland and Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 respectively and now Timebelle and the SunStroke Project have teamed up as winter approaches to heat things up with new latino banger 'Tocame'. Are you ready to party because THIS is the track that's going to get us all up and dancing - injecting summery goodness to the winter months!  

Translating to 'Touch Me' in English; this collaboration stems from them meeting last year at the Kiev hosted Eurovision Song Contest and we are very excited about it! Their description of the song is;


"With a latino sound, Tócame is a sensual song that invites you to play, move, dance and seduce. We are experimenting our second latino song, this time in a collaboration with the Moldavian band, Sunstroke Project.


Let yourself seduced and manipulated by the rhythm of Tócame."


Check out the video for 'Tocame' here: 


Written and composed by Miruna Manescu of Timebelle and produced by Soundland, the party smash perfectly blends their sounds with reggaeton latino beats. It even has a trumpet solo - what more could we ask for!? 


Last year, Timebelle represented Switzerland with 'Apollo' and narrowly missed out on qualifying for the final - finishing in 12th in the semi final with 97 points. Although they failed to qualify, this still marks Switzerland's best result at the contest since 2014. SunStroke Project returned for Moldova with 'Hey Mamma' and a combination of a catchy song, incredible wedding-themed choreography and epic sax guy took them all the way to 3rd place in the final - securing Moldova's best ever performance at Eurovision.



Timbelle ft. SunStroke Project - Tocame


Dame, dame tu compañía

Te quiero conocer

Me muevo sin vergüenza

Tus brazos me quieren

Sabes que soy perfecto

Perfecto para tí

Mírame, yo me muevo solo para tí.


Ay, mi ritmo es caliente

Y fuerte x2


Tócame, tócame,

Muévete, muévete!

Quiero manipularte

Como uno salvaje


Escucha mami

I need to see you move,


Is what I´m calling you

Oh, baby girl, how you move you move so fine

Let me get you some of that expensive wine


Perdóname, mamita, but I lost my mind,

My name is Snoop Dog, I chase you from behind I

wanna feel you close to me I wanna feel you close to me!


I like the drum, drum,

Shake your hips down to it!

I like the pump pump

Pump it up, just do it!

Turn off the light, turn off the light,

Let me give you some of my eo.


Ay, mi ritmo es caliente

Y fuerte x2


Tócame, tócame,

Muévete, muévete!

Quiero manipularte

Como uno salvaje x3


Are you a fan of this spicy new collaboration? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to like/follow/connect with us on our social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube - for the latest Eurovision news, artist updates and video content! 

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