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JESC 2018 | No Tickets? No Problem. Fan Zone To Be Opened Outside Arena

November 17, 2018


The broadcaster for Belarus national TV, BRTC have confirmed, that they will open a fan zone outside of the Minsk Arena for general members of the public, and for fans to watch the contest if they haven't got tickets to the main show itself.

Not all details have been given yet, but more are expected in the coming week as the rehearsals get under way.  What we do know is that there will be a facility outside of the arena for this, which will contain a large screen for fans to watch the Junior Eurovision .  This is not a new concept, and fan zones have been used at many of the adult Eurovision shows in the past.  

The broadcaster has also revealed that on November 24th, and 25th, it will be possible to watch the rehearsals, and live shows on the Speed Skating Track in the neighbouring arena.  These will be shown on big screens.  

This will be the second time that Belarus has hosted, and they are keen to show the world they can put on a stellar, and world class show.  Yesterday BRTC released details of the opening ceremony, promising that it would contain something special, and that it would be very striking.  The ceremony will include dance, folk music with a modern twist, which will include light projection 3D shows.  They are certainly in it to impress.

This year a record breaking twenty countries will compete to have the honour of becoming Europe's best. These countries will see the return of Azerbaijan, France and Israel, but also see Kazakhstan, and Wales debut. Have you picked a favourite yet?

Team Eurovoxx will be reporting live from Minsk, and will be giving you all the news, and reviews as we see it.  Stay tuned for more information.


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