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Switzerland | Five Songs In The Running, Song Reveal Due For March

Today we were notified of more developments in the Swiss behind closed doors selection this year, stating they are done to the final five songs to potentially represent the nation in Tel Aviv.

Twitter handle "@SRFESC" which is used to deliver official news coming out of Switzerland and the broadcaster in respect to their Eurovision plans today revealed the professional jury and audience had listened and reviewed all the entries which were received and now only five are left, these five are now being tweaked and worked on by producers as they try to find artists for the songs to give them the best overall package for the contest in May. They went onto say a final jury evaluation will take place to find their entry and that the entry shall be released in March.

March is at the end of the Eurovision songs being released timescale, with the Head of Delegations meeting taking normally in mid-March at each all competing entries must be submitted to the EBU in their full, finished and revamped form, this means the Swiss entry will not be revamped after it has been released, or is very unlikely to receive any tweaks given the short time frame if it received negatively by the viewing public and fans, also in previous years Switzerland have always selected their song and artist in a national selection in the month of February.

Although we do not know who is still is in the running, we do know that 2014 act Sebalter sent an entry into the selection titled "We'll Carry The Light" into the Italian/Swiss broadcaster and did advance through the first round of cuts within that broadcaster, but now being put into a larger pool of songs from the other contributing Swiss broadcasters, will we see the ex-Eurovision return to the stage five years since his previous appearance? Listen to his 2019 offering below.

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