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Spain | RTVE Receives Over A 1000 Songs For It's National Final

Recently Eurovoxx reported that Spain had received over 330 songs for it's national final, which included Ruth Lorenzo letting slip that she had also submitted songs. It can now officially be confirmed that the national broadcaster for Spain, RTVE has received over a 1000 songs, which is a massive jump from the figure given last week.

The channel asked well known, and anonymous composers to submit songs for the Eurovision Operación triunfo contestants. This was well received, and in the 15 day submission period the broadcaster received no less than a 1000.

The first phase saw 953 songs submitted to, but that figure passed a thousand as producers for the hit show OT, and Gestmusic had directly asked recognised composers to contribute, which saw a further 100 more songs sent to the channel. The figure looks closer to 1100.

The established composers were allowed to write songs for specific artists, however, there is no guarantee that the singers would take these songs. However, if they do, they are allowed to interpret them as they wish.

Now that the broadcaster has received all entries, the difficult decision comes, as this figure needs to be narrowed down to a final 20. Ten from those submitted online, whilst the other 10 will come from the established song writers.

When they are chosen RTVE will then publish them online (song by unknown composers), and allow the public to vote which are their favourites. They will have two weeks in order to do this. The three songs with the most votes will be guaranteed a place in the special Eurovision Gala. Musical experts will then decide on the other 7, which will make the ten final songs from those sent in online, which will be combined with the professional song writers compositions.

When all twenty are known, the songs will be assigned to the Operación triunfo participants, who will then record their song.

The national final is expected to take place in January 2019, where the contestants will be gradually whittled down. It will be the public alone who will decide who they want to represent Spain. If there should be a tie, the viewers will then vote again to see who they want to represent them in Tel Aviv 2019.

Have you already made your mind up who you think should represent Spain next year in Israel? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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