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Spain | Ruth Lorenzo Submits Songs For Spain At Eurovision 2019

Former Spanish representative Ruth Lorenzo who sang for Spain back in 2014 revealed yesterday that she has submitted songs for Spain 2019. No news of who, or if any of her penned entries will make it to the final cut of songs that the broadcaster will chose are known. However, she has expressed a desire to be part of Eurovision once again, but this time as a song writer.

During Gala 8 of Operacion Triumfo, Ruth joined the jury panel where she chatted about her experiences at the contest. She met up with the teachers, and the participants, and during this 'chat' she let slip that she had indeed submitted songs for the Spanish national final 2019. It's not clear if this was intentional. However, she had not said who or if her songs were intended for anyone specific.

Last nights show (details can be found here), saw the teachers, and participants perform various Eurovision classics such as Eres Tu (Spain 2007), Heroe's (Sweden 2015) and Fuego (Cyprus 2018), just to name a few.

Check out Ruth Lorenzo here singing her Eurovision entry, "Dancing In The Rain Below"

Spain will use Operacion Triumfo to determine it's next Eurovision entry. The final number of songs have not been released, and those shortlisted entries, have still to be publicly known. It is expected Spain's national final will take place in January, and see ten songs, and singers all battle it out to represent their home nation in Tel Aviv, in May. All 16 participants will be eligible for this honour.

At Eurovision, Ruth who was already an established name in the United Kingdom due to her appearance on the "X Factor", but represented Spain, andcame a respectable 10th with her song, "Dancing in the rain" scoring 74 points. Since her appearance at the contest, she has been busy with several tours , and releasing two succesful albums.

Would you like to see Ruth represent Spain again? and think she could pen a winning entry? Let us know you opinion in the comments below.

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