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Spain | Road To Eurovision 2019: OT Gala 8

Earlier this week, we wrote about RTVE receiving more than 300 song submissions for Eurovision. One of the Operación Triunfo prospects (or more of them if paired in duos or groups) will get the chance to sing the chosen song in Tel Aviv.

As we are still waiting for more information about the songs, here's how our potential Eurovision stars performed last night, in the 8th gala of Operacion Triunfo 2018.

They opened the show with group song - the anthem of the 80's - Enamorado de la moda juvenil by Radio Futura.

Our nominees of the last week were Carlos Right and Marillia. This was the second nomination for both of them. Here's how they performed:

1. Carlos Right: Everything - Michael Bublé

Carlos Right's idea for his performance was to seduce the camera, and consequently the voters. He looked gallant and confident singing Everything by Michael Bublé.

2. Marilia: Hasta la raíz - Natalia Lafourcade

After Marillia was saved last week by only 0.4% of audience votes more than Noelia, she faced her second consecutive nomination. If you ask me, with the brilliant performance she delivered last week, she didn't even deserve to be in this place.

3. Famous & Marta: September - Earth, Wind & Fire

Famous and Marta have taken us to the disco with this uptempo and funky number by Earth, Wind & Fire. Their performance reminded me of some Eurovision show-opening acts. Ruth Lorenzo, the guest member of the jury commented that Famous has a lot of "swag". It was really amusing and dynamic performance.

4. Natalia: Aunque no sea conmigo - Celso Piña (version by Bunbury)

Natalia gave us goosebumps with her emotional delivery of the song Aunque no sea conmigo, bringing bolero to OT. She was accompanied on stage with three live musicians – a violinist, a pianist and a percussionist. Ruth Lorenzo who was the guest member of the jury, was full of compliments for Natalia's performance, highlighting her connection with the audience and the atmosphere she created.

5. María & Sabela: I Want to Hold your Hand - The Beatles

Both Maria and Sabela continue to show progress and evolution. Last night, they delivered this all-time classic by The Beatles. It was not among my favourite performances from the last gala, but I really like both of them as artists.

6. Julia: 90 minutos - India Martínez

Another touching performance of the night! Julia surely made many television viewers emotional, watery eyes and tears included. Impressive performance and the emotion that goes beyond the language barrier. Pure magic!

7. Miki: Can We Dance - The Vamps

Miki made the concert atmosphere in the television studio of Operacion Triunfo. He really looked like a frontman of the pop-rock band, interacting with the audience in a manner of the experienced artist.

8. Alba Reche: Je Veux – Zaz

Alba had difficult challenge interpreting Je Veux by Zaz - having to learn the correct French pronunciation and to play the kazoo. But if anyone had doubts about the final outcome, Alba Reche proved them wrong. If I had to put my bets on the winner at the moment, I'd put my money on this girl. She made me smile during the whole performance, with her contagious positive energy.

What happened on the show?

Eliminated: Carlos Right

With 57% of the audience votes, Marillia survived another nomination. On the contrary, the second nomination was crucial for Carlos Right, who became the seventh expulsed candidate.

The fan favourite of Gala 3: Sabela

Three contestants who won the most audience votes in the eight gala were: Julia, Alba and Sabela. Finally, Sabela became the fan favourite, thus saved from the jury's nomination.

Nominees and saved contestants

Jury proposed these four contestants for nomination: Maria, Famous, Marillia and Marta.

The academy chose to save Famous, as they underlined his enormous potential.

The remaining OT contestants voted to save Maria, who received 4 votes of the overall six. Marillia and Marta both got one vote.

This leaves Marillia facing elimination for the third time in a row. This week, she's facing Marta as another nominee.

Guests and Eurovision themed OT chat

Guest artist of the eight gala were James Arthur, Carlos Baute & Marta Sanchez, and David Bisbal & Greeicy.

The OT chat, the show that is streamed after the gala, was Eurovision themed last night. Ruth Lorenzo, who represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song Dancing In The Rain joined for the party. We have witnessed some funny interpretations of Eurovision songs, among which the most looked upon was Alba Reche and Natalia's (or Albalia's, as OT fandom refers to the duo) interpretation of Fuego.

Which OT prospects shined out the most in the eight gala? Who deserves to represent Spain in Eurovision? Tell us in the comments section and make sure to follow us on our social media.

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