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Malta | Ten Unmissable X Factor Malta Auditions

We've now seen all of the auditions on the X Factor Malta which means we have now seen the person who will represent Malta next year in Tel Aviv at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. If you haven't been watching then tonight marks the start of Bootcamp and we're here to catch you up on some of the best audition performances.

There was SO much talent that auditioned it made picking out some of the top auditions very difficult so if you have time I strongly recommend catching up with all of the auditions on the official X Factor Malta YouTube Channel which you find here. However, here are some of the standouts if you are in a rush!

1. Michela Pace

When student Michela walked in to the audition room, I don't think anybody - including the judges - expected THAT voice to come out of her. Her audition song 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' - originally by United Kingdom 2013 representative Bonnie Tyler - showed off her incredible vocals and a very unique tone. We definitely joined judge Ira Losco in getting goosebumps.

2. Aidan Cassar

Another with an interesting tone of voice is Aidan Cassar - who also goes by the name AIDAN. You may recognise him from his appearance in MESC 2018. He's released a number of rocking singles and at his audition sung original song 'Mine'. It showed off his voice and gave him the ability to show off with some very impressive vocal runs and his incredible range. We predict big things for Aidan!!

3. Kaylie Magri

Singing Grace's 'You Don't Own Me', Kaylie astounded the judges when her voice was so good that it sounded even better than the original! With a vocal tone to die for and being pitch perfect including on some very difficult notes, you can tell that Kaylie is a pro. We can tell from this audition that Kaylie knows who she is as an artist and can't wait to see what she brings next. Standing ovation from us!!

4. Franklin Calleja

A familiar face to all of us Eurofans - we were very excited to hear that Franklin had auditioned for the X Factor Malta. Could this be the year that he wins the right to represent his country at Eurovision? If his emotional audition of A Great Big World's 'Say Something' is anything to go by then he could definitely be in with a shot! The emotion he poured in to the lyrics moved both the judges and viewers and I imagine that he'll keep that up throughout the whole competition. Definitely one to watch as we head to Bootcamp.

5. Kelly Moncado

A beautiful face with a beautiful voice. We grew to love Kelly very quickly after she emotionally revealed that she is in fact gay and shared her experiences which will definitely be relatable to the LGBT audiences watching. However we had no expectation for her voice to be THAT good. 'Writing on the Wall' by Sam Smith is not an easy song to sing but wow - Kelly made it seem almost effortless! That voice has gotten her a lot of fans and she is definitely another to watch out for in the next rounds.

6. Owen Leuellen

Rap is definitely not to everybody's taste however there is something so professional and raw about Owen and his lyricism that made this audition really stand out. He sung his original song which was all about his life and experiences and you could tell it was meaningful to him. G-Eazy who?? Owen could definitely rival him if he keeps this standard up. Just something about it really popped and connected well with viewers. It will be interesting to see how far Owen will make it but he definitely adds something unique to the show so we look forward to his next performance.

7. Petra Zammit

MESC 2018 contestant Petra was also another we were very excited to see audition and her audition did not disappoint. Choosing to sing Grace's 'You Don't Own Me', Petra's soulful voice shone through and even made judge Ira Losco cry! Her raw vocals alone are probably going to be enough to secure her a place at the Six Chair Challenge and we would also be very shocked if she didn't make it even further. Ira said to her that it wasn't perfect but it was "honest" and ultimately it is that which is going to help her connect with the voters. We are VERY excited where this goes. Winner alert??

8. Shauna Vassallo

It is always a risk when you choose to sing 'Chandelier' by the amazing Sia however Shauna's vocals were absolutely amazing. Her range and the power in her voice both shone through whether it be on the lower notes or the big notes in the chorus. I for one was very confused when they asked her to come back and sing another song but WOW are we thankful they did. Her second song she chose to sing another Sia song, this time 'Eye of the Needle' and it was one of the most breathtaking performances of the series. Vocally perfect and the big smile on judge Alexandra Alden's face said it all - she secured herself a place in Bootcamp and also as a favourite in the competition.

9. Matthew Anthony

Netta's winning Eurovision 201 8 song 'Toy' was not a song anybody expected to hear in an audition however MESC veteran Matthew came out with a very original and different version of the song and impressed us all. It perfectly showed off his voice and his artistry and has made him very noticed in online fan communities. We can't wait to see what trick he has up his sleeve next but it's going to be a big ask for him to deliver something even better than his audition. They definitely saved a lot of talent for the last episode!!

10. Anna Faniello

She has two children who have represented Malta at Eurovision - Fabrizio in 2001 and 2006 and Claudia in 2017 - and now its Anna's turn. It is now clear where they both got their vocal abilities from because Anna's Italian language audition was very impressive and heartfelt. It was big smiles all around as Anna secured her ticket to Bootcamp and made a massive impact on the competition with her audition. Could she be the next member of the Faniello family to represent Malta at Eurovision? Only time will tell!

Bootcamp kicks off tonight at 20.50 CET on TVM - make sure to tune in to see how all of the contestants fare!

Make sure to keep watching and also to follow Eurovoxx on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for all the latest Eurovision news, National Selection updates and video content!

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