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United Kingdom | Nicki French is back with her new single, 'On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away&#39

It has nearly been nineteen years since Nicki French represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision with, "Don't Play That Song Again". It didn't win, but became a proper Euro classic that is still highly thought of, and popularly sung, and requested at many Euro bashes today. Nicki has been extremely busy lately, and has just released her brand new single, "On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away". Released by Energise Records, it is now available to download, and stream online. If you want something to cheer you up, during the dark winter months, this song is surely the one for you.

If you are into your pop music, and looking for a feel good song, this one is certainly for you, with Nicki delivering a song that you can sing, and dance too. It has a very infectious beat, and despite the message telling him "To be a man and go away" it is a very positive song telling you stand up, be strong. The song composed by Gordon Pogoda, and Michael Jay can be watched below:

The song is about the end of a relationship, but getting on with it after he has gone. Being strong, and making it clear that, "I don't want you here". The theme tends to be consistent that as a single person you can be strong, and you need him to be gone, and make all the "misery a memory". This song does it well with a very positive, and up lifting beat. The song sounds very "steps", is pure pop, and will appeal to many who love this genre of music. The lyrics can be viewed below:

Boy, now this is the end

And don’t you pretend

We’ll work it through

How can I make it clear?

I don’t want you here

I’m through with you

There’s clouds above

So run for cover now,

My new ex-love,

Let me make it clear -

I don’t want you here

On your marks, get set, go away

Say goodbye ‘cause you don’t have a say

You’re no longer welcome to stay

Take away the misery

Make it all a memory

On your marks, get set, go away

Like the clouds on a clearing day.

Take a deep, deep breath

On your marks, get set, go away

Boy, when love rushes in

We think we can win

But who can know

That love can leave on a whim

As fast as the wind Could ever blow

Get on your feet

Get off your seat

and go I won’t be beat

And I won’t compete for the love I need


Maybe when tomorrow comes

You’ll find a brighter day

But for now, I’ve got to say to you

Be a man, be on your way ...


The video accompanying the song also has the same theme. It begins, and ends with the talented singer in the recording studio. Also, despite telling him "To Go Away" , Nicki is all smiles, and dancing her way through this hit. It's very glitter, disco balls, and very colourful. Who says a break up can't be fun?

This song, is just one of twelve really catchy ones that can be found on her new and upcoming album "Glitter to the Neon Lights" which is out on the 19th November 2018 on double CD, digital download, and streaming sites. The album includes the singles, "Teardrops (On the Disco Floor)" and "Steal The Crown". The sound clips can be found here.

At Eurovison, Nicki French represented the United Kingdom with "Don't Play That Song Again" that scored 28 points culminating in a 16th place finish. Since then, she has been a great ambassador for the UK, and Eurovision in general by hosting shows such as the London Eurovision Party, and Eurostarz.

What do you think of the song? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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