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Italy | Luisa Sobral Turns Down A Chance To Perform At Sanremo

Luisa is most famous for being the composer of Portugal's only ever winning Eurovision entry "Amar pelos dois", that was sung by her brother Salvador Sobral back in Ukraine 2017. However, since then it has been revealed that the singer was approached by RAI to perform at Italy's SanRemo festival 2019.

In an interview with Portugal's online newspaper 'Observador', the talented singer stated that she was offered the chance to sing at Sanremo, but ultimately declined the invitation. The interview was made to promote the singers new album "Rosa". However, it was inevitable that the subject of Eurovision should arise. After all the contest has been a massive part of her life for the past two years.

Luisa was very graceful in admitting that by composing a winning Eurovision entry, that it had indeed opened many doors for her, which has included singing at the prestigious Italian festival. However, the singer echos the sentiments of her brother, and admits that the contest has not changed. She even said of her brother, that his entry, would not change Eurovision, and that, "next year it was not going to be all jazz bands in Eurovision".

The Portuguese singer went on to add, "I never had the pretence of changing Eurovision", whilst adding, "I hope to never go there again, it's indifferent to me". In the interview Luisa doesn't seem to look to kindly on the contest, stating that she would have entered Sanremo, if it didn't have connections to Eurovision. She told the 'Observador' that,

"I was invited to participate later this year with an Italian singer, because I wrote a song in Italian, and was invited to participate in the contest in Italy that leads to Eurovision. No i do not want any more!"

The singer tends to echo the sentiments of her brother, but does look at the contest with a friendly eye as it has opened up many possibilities for her as a composer.

Next February, Luisa will be touring once more , and will have three shows to be held in Poro, Lisbon and Coimbra. The singers new album "Rosa" will be released this Friday.

Do you think Luisa was correct in turning down Sanremo? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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