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Israel | Netta: 'I Never Ever Want To Compete Again'

Earlier this year, Netta secured Israel's fourth victory at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song 'Toy' after it received a total of 529 points despite splitting audiences. Six months on and speaking exclusively with Gay Star News Netta has confirmed that she will "never, ever, ever" return to the international song competition.

Speaking to the media outlet, when asked if she would ever make a bid to return to the contest similarly to Dana International, Lena, Alexander Rybak or Charlotte Perrelli, she shut the door on that saying, "It's the most stressful two weeks I've had in my entire life."

"They say never say never, but never!" - Netta

Having said that, she did confirm that she absolutely loved her Eurovision journey and experience. "Eurovision was a magical, terrifying, amazingly weird, campy and wonderful loving experience. I would never do it one more time. If I was to go back and do it for the first time, I would choose to do it. But I’m now thinking about other mountains to conquer."

Speaking of other mountains... following a tour of the United States over the Summer, Netta is now lining up to perform on a tour across Europe which kicks off next week. On her tour of Europe, her destinations include Vienna, Berlin, Zurich and London.

The interview also touches on some of the more controversial moments surrounding Netta at Eurovision. Firstly, the criticism of cultural appropriation that she faced for wearing her memorable Kimono on stage. However, casting aside the criticism Netta spoke of her Pokemon and anime loving childhood. She added, "I loved that outfit. I grew up on Pokémon and Digimon and a lot of those series. I’ve been oppressed for so many years. The little girl inside me wants her freedom, and I let her. If I wanna wear buns, I wear buns."

Also asked why she mentioned in her winners speech that the contest would be held in Jerusalem - she appreciated it was a mistake and that she believed that the contest would follow recent trends and be held in the winning country's capital city - like when Israel hosted the last time in 1999 following Dana International's victory. We're glad Netta has cleared that one up!!

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