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Croatia | More Details Of Dora 2019 Released

A total of sixteen songs will compete at the Croatian national final 'Dora 2019' according to Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. One of these will be the countries next representative at the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv in May next year.

The paper, also suggests that the reinvigorated national final will be overseen by Uršula Tolj, who has been the nations spokesperson at the contest, whilst the job of Head of Delegation will go to Željen Klašterka.

This will be the first time that Croatia has opted to use this selection process since it was abandoned back in 2011, after the broadcaster HRT decided to shelve it due to a string of poor results, and a decline in viewing figures. Since then, the artists have all been chosen internally, resulting in a mixed bag of results for the country.

Slobodna Dalmacija also reports that this year there will be changes to the rules, that will allow foreign song writers to take part in the competition for the first time. However, the artist must be Croatian.

Dora is reported to take place over three nights with the shows as follows:

1) Chansons and Optaija Serenades with the Symphony Orchestra.

2) Dora Classics

3) Entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Eurovoxx also reported yesterday that Jacques Houdek has also expressed his wish ti participate in Dora 2019. As many, will know he was the internal choice for Croatia back in 2017, with his song "My Friend". However, this time he wishes to be a song writer, as opposed to a performer.

Last year Franka represented Croatia with the song, "Crazy", unfortunately she failed to qualify for the grand final, scoring 63 points, and finishing 17th place. Eurovoxx interviewed her this year, check it out below:

Who would you like to see at Dora 2019? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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