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Croatia | Jacques Houdek to be a part of Dora 2019

Jacques Houdek has announced that he will be applying to take part in Dora 2019, not as a singer, but as a songwriter instead. Jacques has previously participated in Dora in 2011 as a singer, where he finished runner up to Daria. He has expressed an interest in participating in Dora 2019 and having the chance to represent his country at Eurovision for a second time, but only as a songwriter, as he explains:

"As a performer, I gave my maximum performance in Kiev, so let's stay there for the moment. I look forward to Dora. I've already written a song, and I have an ideal performer."

Eurovision fans will remember Jacques for his Eurovision 2017 participation in Kiev with his song "My Friend" that brought Croatia to the final a second year running, and that got Croatia a left-side finish on the scoreboard for the first time since 2005.


Dora 2019 is scheduled to take place over three nights, potentially in Opatija, Western Croatia, with each night representing a different genre of music. The first night will be Chansons and Optaija Serenades with a Symphony Orchestra, the second night Dora classics and the third night will consist of the potential Eurovision 2019 songs.

Check out our interview with this year's Croatian participant, Franka, in Lisbon:

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