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San Marino | Eurovision 2019 Participation Confirmed

Broadcaster RTV (SMTV) has confirmed that San Marino will be participating in Eurovision 2019 - to be held next year in Tel Aviv, Israel between May 14th and May 18th 2019. Head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni confirmed San Marino's participation for next year which will be their tenth appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest, by announcing that they will be doing, "our part by doing our best".

Source: Sky News

Capicchioni also added "It will be a special edition, given the peculiarity of the place" so we will definitely be looking forward to seeing what San Marino has up its sleeve for next year!

In their nine years at Eurovision, San Marino has only qualified for the final once back in 2014 with Valentina Monetta's third attempt at the contest 'Maybe' which placed 24th in the final - their best placement to date. Following a run of poor qualification there were concerns amongst the fan community that San Marino would be withdrawing from the contest due to their late participation announcement coupled with a press release in September 2018 stating that they had yet to decide whether they would participate.

In order to select their representative for Eurovision 2018, San Marino opted for Online National Final '1in360' which allowed performers from across the world to apply in the hope of representing the microstate. Eventually, Maltese singer Jessika Muscat was chosen to represent the country alongside fellow competitor and German singer Jenifer Brening with the song 'Who We Are'. Despite buzz around the process and entry, San Marino placed only 17th in Semi Final Two with 28 points.

Despite a statement released last month that suggested 1in360 would be back bigger than before for 2019 - tonight it has been confirmed on their official Facebook that they will not be hosting a National Final for San Marino's 2019 participant. Instead a different format will be used, which RTV San Marino will reveal at a later date.

Now that San Marino have confirmed participation, we have 41 countries confirmed for Eurovision 2019!

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