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Greece | Yianna Terzi Hits Back at Bullies with 'Karma'

Yianna Terzi represented Greece earlier this year at Eurovision 2018 with her song 'Oniro Mou' and despite making an impact with the depth of the meaning and journey of her song she failed to qualify to the final - placing 14th place with 81 points in arguably one of the strongest Semi Finals ever. However that definitely was not the end of the line for the Greek songstress who is now back stronger than ever with new single 'Karma', a beautiful track penned as an anti-bullying song.

Similarly to her Eurovision song, Greek language song 'Karma' features a beautiful instrumental which injects a folky ethno backing to the lyrics. Speaking about the meaning of the song, Terzi posted on her Instagram:

"Karma is not some magical force that punishes or rewards us. It’s simply the result of our actions. The song is inspired by the behavior of people who are Bullies. Temporary imposition won’t let them realize that in time what will matter most is the intention and energy behind the action. What you put in, is eventually what you’ll receive."

Make sure to check out the video for 'Karma' below.

The music video artistically captures the meaning of 'Karma' that - similar to Newton's third law of motion - every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Terzi is seen battling and dancing with others in a contemporary routine before it ends with her running through a field - free. You can also listen to the English recorded version of the song here:

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