Norway | Changes revealed for Melodi Grand Prix 2020

Norwegian broadcaster NRK have announced that changes will be made to the rules of Melodi Grand Prix for the 2020 edition. Stig Karlsen, Project Manager for Melodi Grand Prix, has said that there will be changes made to the rules regarding submissions and dates for the show in 2020.

The submissions window for MGP 2020 will open on March 2nd, 2019, (which is the same date as the final of MGP 2019), and will close on May 17th 2019. Stig explains, about having an earlier deadline, that it:

"Gives us more time to work intensively after what we know has come during the open submission. We want more time for auditions, and more time to work with targeted inquiries to composers, songwriters and artists.

The music will be ready for launch in January, with all that it involves of preparations. Similarly, work on the scene numbers of the TV broadcast must commence in November. There is a lot of work behind a massive production like MGP, which the regular viewer does not think about".

With regards to submissions, all of the songs submitted must have at least one Norwegian songwriter in their team. Each producer or songwriter is allowed to submit up to three songs to the broadcaster. Stig believes that changes like these will ultimately have an impact on the number of songs that are submitted, saying:

"We will definetley get fewer songs, but that's also the point. We want a more focused and targeted effort, and less assembly line production. Quality in front of quantity".

Check out our interview with Alexander Rybak on the Blue Carpet in Lisbon:

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