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Montenegro | 5 acts will compete in Montevizija 2019

Nataša Baranin, the Head of Delegation for Montenegro has announced that, just like in 2018, a total of 5 singers will compete in Montevizija 2019 for the chance to represent Montenegro in Tel Aviv.

Speaking to Analitika, Nataša explained a panel of juries will select five songs to advance to Montevizija, in which "viewers can chose the one they like most to win the ticket to Israel".

The submissions process for Montevizija is currently underway and all interested singers and songwriters still have time to submit their entries.

Once all of the songs have been submitted, a panel of juries at RTCG will listen to all the songs anonymously, without knowing who the composer or singer of the song is. For all of the songs that make it past this first round, the jury will then have the opportunity to see details of the songs, including the lyrics and information about the songwriter and performer(s).

Once they have all this information, the jury will then score each song. They can award up to 50 points for the composition, up to 30 points for the lyrics and up to 20 points for the production potential of each song.

Check out our interview with Vanja Radovanovic in Lisbon:

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