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Russia | Eurovision Preparations To Begin After The New Year

According to reports from esckaz, the broadcaster responsible for Russia's participation in 2019 will begin after the new year. VGTRK who is responsible for next year's representative will begin to look at possible artists after the New Year's programming.

VGTRK have informed esckaz, that their preparations will begin in the next few months, in a bit to find a successor for Julia Samoylova, and find an artist who will hopefully qualify for the grand final in Tel Aviv next May.

Last year, it was Channel One who had that responsibility. However, it is the turn of VGTRK to take charge, and find the next artist that will represent the eastern nation. Channel One were responsible over the previous two years, but due to Julia being banned from performing in the Ukraine, and Russia pulling out in 2017, the broadcaster opted to give the young singer her chance again this year.

It is not uncommon to see different channels take over responsibility for a Eurovision participation. This too happens in Belgium where RTBF the French broadcasting channel organise it one year, whilst VRT the Flemish broadcaster has it the next.

For the first time in its history, Russia failed to qualify for the Grand Final in Lisbon this year. Julia managed to come 15th place in the second semi final scoring 65 points from the public, and 14 from the juries with her song "I Wont Break".

Jess from Eurovoxx interviewed Julia this year, this is what she had to say:

Who would you like to see represent Russia in 2019? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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