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Israel | Harel Skaat Is Back With His New Song 'In My Life'

He brought us "Milim" in 2010 for Israel, now the talented singer is back with his new single, "In My Life". Released six days ago on YouTube, and available through spotify, Itunes etc, this delightful new song will certainly get you feeling good in the dark winter months to come.

This feel good song has amassed well over a hundred thousand views in the short time that it has been released. Harel just proves he is just as talented, and as popular as ever before. The song itself has such a good beat and positive vibe to it. It just emits positivity, and happiness, and this is the one song you will need in your life. The song is sung entirely in Hebrew, but you do not to be of the native tongue to get its meaning, or what the song conveys. The song was written by Eliad Nachum and Harel Skaat, with the video being produced by Noam Akrabi. Check out the video below:

The song is all about love, and the importance of being with the one you love. Harel tells us, "I just wanted you to be in my life", and "that I know you too much. You will not be able to spend a minute without me". The theme is quite consistent within the song, and love, with hints of God, and religion conveys such a nice meaning. It is important to be with the one you love. Check the lyrics below:

To annoy you at the end of the day

Smoking with you on the window

Suddenly, the two of us today

We'll talk a lot about the little

In front of the sun before Shabba

It Makes me cry

Just sit and shut up

I know you too much

You will not be able to spend a minute

without me

Not simple but everything is fine

I just wanted you to be in my life

When I wake up I wake up

Hard but overall heaven

I do not need too much in my life

When I wake up I wake up

Here at home like everyone else

A good moment a less perfect moment

this is what there is

We are as God requested

I know you too much

You will not be able to spend a minute without me

The video accompanying this feel good song, is also very up lifting. Everyone is happy, be it alone or with others, are just dancing to such a great tune. The video is not all about Harel, but it's about you and the importance of "Love", and being with the one. It doesn't matter your age, just get up to the song, dance, and feel good.

At Eurovision, Harel was very popular indeed. He represented Israel at the contest back in 2010, in Oslo, with the song, "Milim". The talented singer came a respectable 14th scoring 71 points. Since Eurovision he has been very busty producing 2 new albums, and 7 new singles which have all been successful in their own right.

Do you like "In My Life"? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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