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Czech Republic | CT Receives 300 Entries For Its National Final 2019

2018 marked a very good year for the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest. They sent Mikolas Josef to Lisbon, who gave the country its best result, and certainly raised the profile of the contest at home, where there was real optimism, that the talented singer could win. He did not, however, his profile was raised massively, and he has gained a mass following that is deserved, of his popularity, and success.

With this in mind, the broadcaster CT last week released details for the next seasons national final, and confirmed that despite the success of Mikolas, only 300 songs had been submitted. This is down by nearly a 100 compared to the previous year. However, the broadcaster is not down beat about this, as they also confirmed via their official Facebook account several days ago, that 60 of these were from Czech musicians, which is a figure that is nearly as twice as last year. Indicating, the popularity of the contest at home is on the up with local song writers.

A post on the Czech Republics official Facebook page

This news echos other national broadcasters, who have also revealed a downward trend in the amount of songs being submitted to their countries national finals. Certainly Melodifestivalen, Supernova and Eesti Laul all show this decline, despite their countries recent successes.

It will be early January before the songs, and artists are known, and the number is expected to be between six, and eight. What is known, is that the country will follow the same format as lat year that will allow a public vote inside the Czech Republic making up 50% of the vote along with those voting internationally via the the official Eurovision app, but also a professional jury will also be able to cast their vote on the other 50%.

Last year this method worked, where the country chose 'Mikolas Josef', and his song, "Lie To Me" bringing the Czech Republic its second qualification to the Grand Final. On the night he scored 66 points from the juries, and 215 from the televote, that culminated in a very respectable 6th place. Eurovoxx interviewed him several times this year, check them out below.

Check out our bonus video of Floss V Flamenco too:

Who would you like to see represent the Czech Republic next year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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