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Greece | Two Countries, One Singer But Will Tamta Decide?

November 4, 2018


In recent news it has been reported that the talented singer Tamta has been approached by the national broadcasters of both Greece, and Cyprus to be their countries next singer for Eurovision 2019.


The famous Georgian singer who is very popular in both countries has been approached by CyBC of Cyprus, and ERT from Greece.  According to the news agency Alapha News both countries have sent representatives to meet, and discuss a possible participation for Eurovision 2019 with the singer.  If she does accept, who will she decide?


It would seem that Greece would be the singers more favoured country, as she has been poised to represent it ever since 2007, when she entered the Greek selection, but lost out to Sarbel, and his infectious song, "Yassou Maria".  Since then, she has approached the broadcaster ERT regularly to sing for Greece, but has been declined by them.  Therefore, a possible interest from them could mean a participation could certainly be on the cards for her.  


However, according to Alpha News, Cyprus were very keen on having the singer representing them last year, but due to busy work commitments, the talented singer was unable too.  Instead, the fate of Eleni Foureira was sealed, and she would claim second place at the Eurovision 2018.  


Other media outlets have also reported that due to the success of Cyprus last year, the delegation are very keen to use the talents of this years Eurovision songwriter "Fuego", Alex P to continue his work on writing another successful tune for country.  


Eleni this years Cypriot representative,  was also keen to sing for Greece on several occasions but was not accepted by the broadcaster, which meant she chose Cyprus instead.  This combined with the talents of Alex P led to a very successful result.  Could this lure Tamta away from Greece, and represent Cyprus?  Only time will tell, that is even if the singer does go forth, and sing at Eurovision next year. 


Eurovoxx interviewed Eleni earlier this year, this is what she had to say:




Nothing is confirmed, and these are only rumours at the moment.  Nevertheless it would be interesting to see Tamta at Eurovision.  Would you like to see Tamta sing at Eurovision?  If so, which country should she represent?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.





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