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Spain | Road to Eurovision 2019: OT Gala 6

Last night we watched the 6th gala show of Operación Triunfo. The search for a new music star and the next Spanish Eurovision representative is almost halfway. If you missed previous gala, here's your reminder on what happened (Gala 5 review).

Gala started with group song - Vivir así es morir de amor by Camilo Sesto (version by La Casa Azul).

After the opening song, our nominees - Damion and Marta were the first ones to perform their songs.

1. Damion: God's plan by Drake

For his second nomination performance, Damion chose to sing God's plan by Drake. If you ask me, this song wasn't really the best song choice for Damion. I prefer him with his guitar, singing romantic and slow-tempo songs in Ed Sheeran style, like he did in his previous nomination.

2. Marta: Leave me alone by Michael Jackson

This is how you react to being nominated! Marta conquered the stage with the powerful performance, singing Leave me alone by her idol – king of pop – Michael Jackson. What is surprising me gala after gala is the fact that this girl is only 18 years old. The impressive attitude she has!

The show continued with the performances of the rest of the candidates.

3. Famous and Maria: 1, 2, 3 by Sofía Reyes, Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto

Maria sure is not one of the vocally strongest girls in this season, but there's something about her that I really like. Her „lazy“ voice color and her sensual/badass attitude. Famous really has a big potential. Besides being by far the best male vocal of this season, he once again showed that he knows his moves. Although this performance was not their best, speaking of vocal presentation, it entertained me.

4. Sabela: Set fire to the rain by Adele

From the nomination in the first gala and an initial „underdog treatment“, this girl is slowly becoming one of the audience favourites. This week, teachers finally did her favour with giving her powerful song in which she was able to show off all variety of her potential. In the end, she deserved big ovations from the studio audience. Side note: her English pronunciation was really weird and that is something to work on. But nonetheless - one of the best and most convincing performances of the night – elegant, powerful, emotional!

5. Carlos Right and Marillia: Lucky by Jason Mraz and Ximena Sariñana

Although I usually like Marillia more, I preferred Carlos in this duet. Carlos sounds better to me when he's singing in English than in Spanish. This version of the song was half in English and half in Spanish. Marillia had a hard time with singing second voice, and it was not her best night, although I would expect her to do better, considering that the style of this song normally suits her. About the overall performance, I really liked the staging, but their choreography and chemistry did not seem natural to me.

6. Alba Reche: La Llorona by Chavela Vargas

Surely the most awaited performance of the last night, and in the end – the most applauded performance by the audience on the set of the show. With this performance, she deserved her ticket to the final of the show. Alba Reche is the candidate I would undoubtedly like to see representing Spain in Tel Aviv. She transmitted emotions of the song in a manner of an experienced singer. Alba is really captivating and I feel she already has a strong fanbase of supporters who want to see her as a winner. Count me as one of them! The best overall performance of Operación Triunfo 2018 to date!

Guest artist of the 6th gala was the Scottish singer and composerTom Walker, who interpreted his big hit Leave a light on.

7. Julia y Noelia: Tú y yo volvemos al amor by Mónica Naranjo

I liked neither the song nor their delivery of it. I preferred Julia in their duet. Noelia, on the other hand, is not so convincing in the last few performances like she was in her performances from the beginning of the show, including the first gala, when she was the fan favourite.

8. Natalia and Miki: Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Last performance of the night was Natalia and Miki with the soundtrack from the movie A star is born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Miki was correct in his part of the song, but Natalia was the one carrying the duet. She is born to be on the stage, and to be a star, like the title of the movie suggests. According to me, Natalia deserved to be among the three fan favourites tonight with this powerful performance.

What happened on the show?

Eurovision news

The host Roberto Leal announced that from now, untillNovember 15, song demos for Eurovision 2019 can be submitted.

Carlos Jean, guest member of the jury and the producer, believes he has the formula for creating the perfect Eurovision song. He invited the Spanish audience to help him to compose the song.

On the site, users can download the base of his song, and upload their records on YouTube using the hashtag #LaCancionPerfecta.

Eliminated: Damion

With 59% of the public votes in her favor, Marta continues her adventure in the academy. Damion became the fifth expelled contestant. He will be remembered by the songs he composed, especially a funny and catchy melody „Necesito a ti“.

The fan favourite of Gala 6: Alba Reche

After four times reaching top 3 of the most voted contestants, Alba Reche has finally become the fan favourite and won the direct pass to the next gala. Another two most voted candidates this week were Sabela and Famous.

Nominees and saved contestants

Nominated by the jury in this gala were: Maria, Marilia, Miki y Noelia.

The teachers saved Miki, and the contestants then saved Maria. There was a tie between Noelia and Maria, who both got 3 votes, while Marillia got 2 votes. Due to the fact that the fan favourite's vote is worth double, Alba Reche's vote to Maria decided that Maria is to be saved by her colleagues.

Nominated: Noelia and Marillia

That leaves us with Noelia and Marilia as nominees in the following week. That was especially emotional for Noelia, who couldn't hide her frustration and tears.

What do you think of the #LaCancionPerfecta campaign? Which performance was Eurovision worthy last night? Make sure to subscribe to our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube) for all the latest Eurovision news, updates and video content!

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