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Italy | New Music from Marco Mengoni and 2019 Tour Announced!

Marco Mengoni represented Italy at Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with his song 'L'essenziale', finishing 7th among the 26 finalists. 'L'essenziale' was the lead single from his second album called #prontoacorrere and it reached the charts in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Mengoni is hoping to repeat that success with his next album, which is coming out on November 30th, on Sony Music label.

New album: Atlantico

He has already launched the first two singles to announce releasing the new album called 'Atlantico'. Mengoni explained on his social media that it took him two years of working on this project, and during this time he decided to travel, to live and to gain experience. The inspiration for the album title came from his travels, as he said on his Facebook:

„...when I thought about how it would be right to define it, I remembered how many times, during my travels, I had crossed the Atlantic and that's when I understood that was the title. A container of life, an ocean...“

On October 23, both official videos for the first two singles were released on Youtube. Until now, „Voglio“ and „Buona vita“ have collected almost million and a half streams combined. The songs are very different from each other, and both being different from the sound Marco has brought to Eurovision with L'essenziale.

"Voglio" is an electro-pop song, with the dark atmosphere in the video and provocative lyrics. Mengoni described it as telling „the story of loneliness that can be felt even among millions of people..."

On the contrary, "Buona vita" is a colourful and sunny video clip, which represents Latin influences and experiences from Mengoni's journey to exotic countries. The song has cheerful vibes, with South American rhythms.

He has published the complete tracklist, with the titles of the songs, including a duet with Scottish singer Tom Walker („Hola“), and another one featuring Brazilian singer Vanessa De Mata and Selton („Amalia“).

Announced Tour #MengoniLive2019

Marco had also announced his upcoming Italian tour #MengoniLive2019, starting from the April 27th, including Turin, Milan, Rome, Bari, Caserta, Eboli, Florence, Verona, Rimini, Bologna and Verona Arena.

Are you a fan of Marco Mengoni? Do you like his new music or will you be checking him out on his tour next year? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest Eurovision news and video content!

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