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Cyprus | Eleni Foureira Is Back With Her Amazing New Song Tómame

She is the artist that has set Europe on fire all summer, and showed she had "Fuego". Now the amazing Eleni Foureira is back with her brand new song, and official video "Tómame (Take Me)". It's the one that her adoring fans have been waiting eagerly for, and it certainly does not disappoint.

Eleni is as sassy, and sexy as ever, and the new song will certainly liven up the long, dull winter nights. The song is ready for the dance floor, and will have you shaking your booty all night long. It has an amazing beat, but is very dance like. It also has elements, and hints of reggae. She appeals to everyone as the song contains lyrics from her native tongue, English and Spanish. Indeed the main chorus is sung in Spanish, which will probably be for her large fan base in Spain. It was released by PanikRecords Tube, (the same company responsible for "Fuego"), and is also written by Alex P who also wrote her Eurovision entry, along with several other entries. Check out the video below:

You cannot expect nothing else from an Eleni video, as she gives, and brings it her all. It's all about her, and has so much sex appeal. She dances provocatively, whilst showing off her amazing figure. She "met a boy in Ibiza, and i think this one is the keeper", she sings. He would be fool if he were to mess this talented singer around. The lyrics are not overly complicated, but the rhythm of the song goes a long way in showing that this "boy" has set her pulse racing, even though he may be a "cheater". It's all about the hair, the figure, and the seriously sleek stylish moves that she has. It fits in well with the dance track, and both video and song compliment each other perfectly.

In the hour that this video has been up, it has amassed well over 12,000 views, just proving how popular Eleni is. Also, since Eurovision the Greek star has won over so many more fans, who lap up every song, and performance that the incredibly talented singer has to give.

This summer, she has toured many countries, and sold out many venues of her "Fuego" tour, which has re-lighted her fans passion for her work. She is a true beauty, but a generally nice, and humble performer who takes the time to thank, and greet her fans. There is no doubt that this artist has the staying power, and will be around for many years delighting her fans, whilst making many new. Thank you Eleni for this fabulous new track. Eurovoxx loves it.

Eurovoxx were in Lisbon this summer, and were fortunate enough to interview her. This is what she had to say:

The team at Eurovoxx absolutely love, and adore this brand new single. What do you think of it? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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