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Latvia | Supernova 2019 Receives 83 Song Submissions

Latvia's National Selection process is fully underway now as 2019 marks a return for the 'Supernova' contest which has been used to select the Latvian Eurovision representative since 2015. The song submission window closed on the 21st October and broadcaster LTV have revealed that they have received 83 song submissions which will now be reviewed and whittled down to eventually select the song for the 2019 contest.

Dates are not confirmed yet for the Supernova shows however if it follows a similar pattern to this year, we can expect a series of Semi Finals before the best of these compete in the Final. LTV have previously confirmed that the final will take place in February 2019 - with the live shows starting in January. Speaking of the 83 submitted songs, LTV have also added that the submissions include a number of 'surprising, different songs, new and interesting collaborations and brave solutions' meaning that Eurofans can be very excited to hear the selected tracks!

This time last year, 63 Latvian songs in contention to participate in Supernova 2018 had their audio's released online and invited viewers and fans to rate the submissions. These rankings were then taken into consideration when a jury selected the 21 songs that took part in the Supernova competition. Ultimately, young songstress Laura Rizzotto was chosen to represent Latvia in Lisbon with her sultry song 'Funny Girl'. Despite impressing local audiences, Laura failed to qualify for the grand final, finishing 12th place in Semi Final Two with 106 points.

Who are you hoping will represent Latvia at Eurovision 2019? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube!

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