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Denmark | Plans for National Final DMGP 2019 Revealed

We have another date for the diary! Danish broadcaster DR have revealed their plans for the Eurovision 2019 season - which will see popular National Selection process Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP) be used once again to select the Danish representative for the 2019 Contest. It will be the 49th edition of the competition which is also responsible for the three victories for Denmark to date at Eurovision, in 1963, 2000 and most recently 2013 with Emmelie de Forest. Can DMGP 2019 generate another winner for Denmark? We'll be finding out on February 23rd 2019!

The 2019 edition will be hosted in Herning, Jutland which last hosted the contest in 2017 where Anja Nissen won with 'Where I Am' and back in 2013 was also the location that Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest won the right to represent Denmark in Malmo. The venue, the Jyske Bank Boxen, will boast a capacity of over 10,000 people and was also one of the sites in the bidding process to host Eurovision 2014 - before it was handed to Copenhagen.

About the selection process, DR entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme has said; "It's a big national event every year. And the atmosphere, especially in the Box in Herning, is absolutely amazing when we are there. You really feel how people want this. So I am sure that those in the hall and in front of the screens at home will have a good and unique experience".

Asked whether he believes that hosting the competition in Herning will ask deliver another strong performance at the contest, Lundme added: "Of course, we go after a high ranking again, that's for sure. We are in full swing listening to all the submitted music now, and I think it's doing very well. There have really been good songs so I hope and believe that this year will be successful." This is despite the financial cuts that DR endured over the Summer which saw approximately 20% of their workforce face redundancy.

This year, Rasmussen represented Denmark at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with 'Higher Ground', finishing in a successful 9th position with 226 points - despite finishing in 5th place with the televote.

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