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Austria | From Vienna with Love- Conchita releases Second Album

Austrian legend Conchita won Eurovision back in 2014 with her beautiful power ballad 'Rise Like a Phoenix' - triggering her rise to becoming an international star and gay icon. A year later she released her debut album "Conchita" which gave us some incredible singing including 'Heroes', 'Firestorm' and 'You Are Unstoppable' and now she is back! Today, October 19th 2018, Conchita has released her second studio album entitled "From Vienna With Love" in collaboration with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra featuring 12 tracks - including a beautiful orchestral rendition of her Eurovision winner - with stunning orchestral backing in correlation with her tour earlier this year.

Conchita has revealed in an interview with spot on news that the main themes for the album are about reflecting on past experiences of 'love', ex-boyfriends, family planning and homophobic hostilities she has encountered. With self-penned track 'Have I Ever Been In Love', Conchita questions whether she has actually ever been in love in past relationships or whether they were just beautiful friendships. She questions what 'love' actually means and how that can be conveyed in personal experiences. It also explains that Conchita now feels it is the right time to be seen more as a man - following time spent coming to terms and living out her true femininity.

You can now purchase her album on iTunes and Amazon. For a preview, listen to her track 'Have I Ever Been In Love' below:

Are you happy that Conchita is releasing new music? What do you make of the album? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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