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Spain | Road to Eurovision 2019: OT Gala 4

Gala 4 of the Spanish talent/reality show Operación Triunfo offered many exciting moments. From gay anthems and anti-homophobic polemics, to Pastora Soler's song and Alvaro Soler's live performance. Another contestant is out of the race for the title, and another two nominees have been announced. Continue reading to find out what happened...

Our fourteen contestants that are still competing for the title, opened the show with the song I am what I am. The song originates from the Broadway musical La Cage aux Folles, and the Gloria Gaynor's version, that we heard last night, eventually became a gay anthem and a big hit in Europe and USA.

1. Damion: Give me love by Ed Sheeran

The performances of our nominees followed. First one to defend his stay at the academy was Damion, with the song Give me love by Ed Sheeran. Damion used to sing this song on the streets of Madrid before entering the show. In his performance he wanted to reproduce that same scene, as he was standing on the scene with his guitar, with dancers passing by carrying their suitcases, imitating his street audience. Damion was obviously nervous but managed to motivate the whole live audience to help him sing the end of the song.

2. Joan Garrido: Bed I made by Allen Stone

Earlier this week, one of the teachers at the academy, Manu Guix, congratulated Joan on the choice of the song. Indeed, this performance was the best of Joan we have seen so far. He also decided to bring his guitar on the stage.

3. Julia and Dave: Vivir by Rozalén and Estopa

Julia and Dave were next, bringing joy and happiness with the song Vivir. This is the anthem of the Spanish fundraising initiative that fights against breast cancer (Spanish Association Against Cancer). The lyrics of the song contain testimonies, which Rozalén collected through several months of meetings with the patients. The song Vivir is a celebration of life and Julia and Dave transmitted that energy and optimism on the stage.

4. Marta and Marilia: Lo echamos a suertes by Ella Baila Sola

Lo echamos a suertes is one of the biggest hits of the Spanish pop duo Ella Baila Sola, founded by Marta Botía Alonso and Marilia Andrés Casares. Our Marta and Marillia tried to pay tributes to their namesakes. Although their voice colours are completely different, its combination in this duet sounded very good.

5. Famous: Take me to church by Hozier

Famous had his first solo performance on the show, after the gala 0. This song suited him well and he seemed confident and owned the stage with his vocal and emotional presentation. His performance proved that Famous is „the voice“ of this edition.

6. Miki and María: Quédate en Madrid by Mecano

Last week was full of controversy for María and Miki. They wanted to change the original lyrics of the song Quédate en Madrid because they believed the word „mariconez“ used on a song is offensive and homophobic. At last, they were not able to do it, since the author of the song, José María Cano, did not give them permission to change the lyrics from "mariconez" to "estupidez". Ana Torroja, the member of Mecano and part of the OT jury also did not give her approval for the change. Live audience showed its approval at the end of the performance by shouting out „estupidez“.

7. Carlos and Sabela: Estrella polar by Pereza

Carlos and Sabela performed the song Estrella polar by the Spanish rock group Pereza.

Carlos had his typical performance, which was correct but it was not outstanding.

Sabela is really evolving, and she is enjoying every moment on the stage, she brings authentic energy and motivation.

8. Noelia: La tormenta by Pastora Soler

In the last year's edition, Nerea sang Quédate conmigo, the song by Pastora Soler that represented Spain in Eurovision in 2012, reaching 10th place on the grand final.

Last night, Noelia got the difficult task of singing La Tormenta, by Pastora Soler. It was a challenge for her to deliver this song emotionally. The interpretation was on point, but it affected her vocal control and it surely wasn't Noelia's best performance.

9. Natalia and Alba: Toxic by Britney Spears

This performance was the most anticipated by the OT fans during this week, since Natalia and Alba are favourites of many fans and besides have an outstanding chemistry. Girls had to defend the powerful and sensual song with the most difficult choreography of this edition, as reported by Vicky Gómez, academy professor of dance and the author of the same choreography. The most complete performance so far in this edition!

Alvaro Soler was one of the guests of the fourth gala, alongside the winner of a Latin Grammy Mon Laferte. Alvaro Soler interpreted his summer hit - La cintura, with the help of OT participants.

What happened on the show?

Eliminated: Joan

The saddest moment of the night happened soon after. We have found out who is the third eliminated candidate. With the 65% of the public votes, Damion has secured at least two more weeks in the academy, and the third contestant to be leaving the academy is Joan Garrido.

The fan favourite of Gala 4: María

Television audience also voted for their favourites of this week and the most voted candidates were Miki, Alba Reche and María. Our host announced that María is the winner of last night's gala, which saved her from the eventual nomination.

The nominees and saved contestants

The jury had the most challenging task to choose four candidates to propose for leaving the academy. As they have said, we came to the point of the contest in which their decisions are based on details. Both jury and the professors were satisfied with performances of this gala and the shown efforts, but eventually, the jury proposed these four for leaving the show: Dave, Sabela, Carlos Right and Noelia.

Teachers from the academy decided to save Noelia, and the contestants saved Sabela (5 votes), ahead of Dave (4 votes) and Carlos Right (1 vote).

Nominated: Dave and Carlos Right

That means Dave is nominated for the second time, and Carlos Right is facing his first nomination. Another week is ahead of us and is yet to be seen which songs will they choose for themselves to try and assure the audience that they deserve more time at the academy.

What was your favourite performance of the night? Who would you like to see defending Spain colours at the Eurovision in Tel Aviv? Tell us in the comments and on our social media.

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