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In Memoriam | Valters Fridenbergs passes away aged 30

Following a long battle against cancer, it is with great sadness that we report that Valters Fridenbergs passed away earlier today at the age of 30. Valters represented Latvia in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest as part of duo Walters & Kazha with the song 'The War Is Not Over' which placed fifth in the contest with 153 points. He was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016 and after initial success with the treatment - it returned last summer aggressively and reached his lymph nodes.

Last year, Valters appealed to the public to help support the funding for his treatment. Following three rounds of chemotherapy and an operation in Latvia, he required help from a German establishment - Charité Clinic - who could apply the very top of global research and trials to try to help. There was a huge reception from fans with over 100,000 Euros being raised in support. After a few months in Germany, Valters moved back to Latvia where he continued to work on his TV projects. His 2005 Eurovision duet partner, and lifetime friend, Kārlis Būmeisters has led tributes to the musician, TV personality and commentator. Translated his tweet reads "Such a beautiful day of heavy sorrow. My brother, whom I have known for as long as myself, is now gone. Let the wind blow you up, brother, and until next time. I'll miss you very much."

From all of the Eurovoxx team, our deepest condolences go to Valters' family and friends of this very talented man.

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