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Albania | Festivali i Këngës 57 Participants and Dates Announced

Eurovision fans can now officially rejoice! The past few years have seen the Albanian National Selection process - Festivali i Këngës - mark the start of National Final season and now national broadcaster Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (RTSH) have revealed the twenty-two participating artists in this years music festival which will span three nights - two semi finals (December 20th and 21st) and the grand final (December 22nd) and there are some familiar faces! Take a look at the full list below.

Festivali i Këngës is a major Albanian music festival and has been used as the national selection process since their debut in 2004. Last year, Eugent Bushpepa triumphed and went on to represent Albania in Lisbon with his rock ballad 'Mall'. The song broke Albania's two year non-qualification streak and finished in 11th place with 184 points. They will be surely wanting to build from this high - their third best ever result.

The 22 singers that will be competing this year along with their song titles are:

  • Aurel Thellimi --- "Të dua ty"

  • Bojken Lako --- "Jeto jetën"

  • Bruno Pollogati --- "Nuk ka stop"

  • Dilan Reka --- "Karma"

  • Eliza Hoxha --- "Pengu"

  • Elona Islamaj --- "Në këtë botë kalimtare"

  • Elton Deda --- "Qetësisht"

  • Eranda Libohova --- "100 Pyetje"

  • Gjergj Leka --- "Besoj"

  • Gralar Band --- "Dashuria nuk mjafton"

  • Jonida Maliqi --- "Ktheju tokës"

  • Kelly --- A më ndjen"

  • Klint Collaku --- "Me jetë"

  • Klodiana Vata --- Mbrëmje e pafund"

  • Kujtim Prodani --- "Babela"

  • Lidia Lufi --- "Rrëfehem"

  • Lorela Sejdini --- "Vetmi"

  • Marko Strazimiri & Imbro --- "Leyla"

  • Mirud --- "Nënë"

  • Orgesa Zaimi --- "Hije"

  • Soni Malaj --- "Do vij"

  • Vikena Kamenica --- "Natën e mirë"

Eurovision fans will recognise a number of the names on the list - including DIlan Reka who placed 7th in 2016 and 3rd in 2017 with 'Mos Harro', Orgesa Zaimi who was a fan favourite last year with her finalist 'Ngrije zërin'. Bojken Lako, Elton Deda, Lorela Sejdini and Kujtim Prodani have all appeared previously too. You can check out both Dilan Reka and Orgesa Zaimi in their videos below.

Are you excited for #FiKmas!? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube!

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