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Malta | X Factor Auditions Continue - More Familiar Faces Audition!

Last week saw the National Selection process for Malta's 2019 representative 'The X Factor Malta' launch - featuring Maltese Eurovision legend Ira Losco on the judging panel. We saw the first batch of hopefuls audition and there were definitely some familiar faces for Eurovision or MESC fans - AIDAN & Danica Muscat both successfully auditioned and made it through. This weeks episode also saw a lot of talent - including some more MESC contestants! Lets find out who made it to Bootcamp!

Successful auditionees shown in this weeks episode were:

  • Chris Grech - Debuted in MESC 2013 where he placed 5th with 'Never Walk Away', 13th in MESC 2014 with 'Oblivion' and 4th in MESC 2015 with 'Closed Doors'.

  • Elishia Semaan

  • Kaylie Magri - Malta Junior Eurovision National Final finalist in 2016. Check her audition below.

  • Kelsey Ballente

  • Laura Bruno - Competed in the 2009 Maltese National Final but didn't make the final.

  • Luke Chappell

  • Marley Grech

  • Maya Xuereb

  • Nadine Fenech

  • Raisa Maria Micallef - Malta Junior Eurovision National Final finalist in 2015.

It's not just the TV episodes that are showing people getting through - every day the X Factor Malta YouTube channel has been posting unseen auditions. Over the week we've seen a number of talented singers get through including past MESC acts Lyndsay Pace (2014 Semi Finalist with 'Home') and Dario Mifsud Bonnici (2016 Semi Finalist with 'I Love You'). Other successful auditionees shown over the week on YouTube were Kyle Cutajar, Owen Desira, Maria Vella and Ben Purplle.

Stay tuned to see who else will be competing to represent Malta at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest and let us know your thoughts of this weeks auditionee's in the comments below. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube for the latest updates!

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