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Italy wins OGAE Second Chance Contest 2018!

Tonight the results show for OGAE's long running Eurovision Second Chance contest were streamed after being recorded last week in Eskilstuna, Sweden by OGAE Sweden. Having been organised every year since 1987, the OGAE Second Chance contest is an annual contest which see's songs that didn't win their National Finals in their very own Eurovision Song Contest. The OGAE club from each country that hosted a National Final earlier that year chooses one reject to compete for their country with other OGAE clubs participating as guest voters. Following the votes of all 27 participating countries and 16 guest voters it was determined that Italy had won the contest with Annalisa and her Sanremo entry 'Il Mondo Prima di Te' who won with a solid 350 points.

Image Source: Radioitalia

Following the voting sequence, Annalisa came out on top winning both the participating club vote and then the combined votes of the guest clubs too. France came second with 302 points for Emmy Liyana's 'OK ou KO' whilst Finland came third with Saara Aalto's power ballad 'Domino' netting 233 points. With Italy winning, it means that OGAE Italy will be in charge of organising and hosting next years contest. Last year they finished second place - just being pipped to the post by Sweden's Mariette who won the 2017 contest with 'A Million Years'. Make sure to listen to Annalisa's winning song below.

The last time Italy won, in 2015 with Nek and 'Fatti avanti amore', the contest was also hosted in Sweden following their victory in 2014 - meaning that if history is to repeat itself then we could be looking at a Polish win next year! Check out the full results below.

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