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Spain | Road to Eurovision 2019: OT Gala 3

It has been another busy week in Spain in preparation for Tel Aviv. Last night we watched the third gala of Operación Triunfo 2018. After last week's first elimination of Alfonso, (check it here) we were left with 15 hopefuls still pursuing their dream to become the future music star in Spain and, if chosen to represent Spain on Eurovision, in the whole of Europe. Tune in and check all the performances below.

A show opening song in third gala was 'Viva la vida' by Coldplay, performed by our 15 contestants.

After a group performance, followed the performances of our nominees - África and Dave.

1. África – God is a woman by Ariana Grande

África has a beautiful voice, and that is no doubt. The main reason for África's nomination by the jury is her failure to connect with the song and transmit her emotions to the listeners. For her nomination gala, she has chosen to sing 'God is a woman' by Ariana Grande. It's a very sensual song and África tried to seduce the audience with her performance, including a powerful choreography, and to prove that she deserves her place in the academy. It's a song that fits perfectly with her voice.

2. Dave - Rocanrol Bumerang by Miguel Ríos

Dave's choice of a song was surprising for the teachers, as he has chosen 'Rocanrol Bumerang' by Miguel Ríos – energic rock song from the beginning of the 80s. Dave is bringing the energy on stage along with his charisma and playful attitude. We could see that Dave truly enjoyed his performance and got the live audience on their dancing feet, chanting his name at the end of his performance.

After the two nominees, followed the performances of other 13 contestants, 6 duets and one solo performance.

3. Alba Reche and Marta - Just give me a reason by Pink (ft. Nate Ruess)

Alba Reche is one of the fan favourites of this edition, with her beautiful raspy voice and emotional interpretation. But tonight, she was not at her best edition, singing 'Just give me a reason' by Pink and Nate Ruess.

The 18-years old Marta, for who this was a third female duet, also did not have her best performance but she looked a bit more convincing, and the jury emphasized that she has the promising future and has to believe in herself more.

4. Carlos Right and María Contigo by El Canto del Loco

Carlos had a quite similar type of a performance compared to his last week's duet with Julia. His performance was solid and jury gave credit to him for being really included in all the academy classes, improving much from the start.

María, on the other hand, finally got the chance to show us her romantic side. After the last week's nomination by the jury, the teachers from the academy saved her from nomination. This week, the jury praised her performance and stated that this is the side of María they wanted to see.

5. Famous and Noelia - What a fool believes by The Doobie Brothers

According to some fans, two of the most powerful voices of this edition collided in this song from the 70s by The Doobie Brothers. It's a difficult song that allowed both of them to show their vocal abilities. Famous impressed us once again, this time with his falsettos.

Noelia has a really impresive voice and it was a pleasure watching these two together on stage with the positive energy they transmitted. It was probably the easiest decision for the jury to save both of them from the possible nomination.

6. Damion and Natalia - Lo siento by Beret

Damion's progress is visible with every gala and every rehearsal. He is working very hard and is fighting against his insecurities. Though, jury didn't share our thoughts on Damion's improvement and blamed him for letting his fears stop him from enjoying in his passion for singing.

But the connection between the two was strong during the whole week and it could be seen that Natalia helped Damion to feel more secure on stage. For the first time, we have seen Natalia in a slow tempo song, without choreography, singing in Spanish. Once again she impressed with her emotional performance and proved that she has „a whole package“ – beautiful voice, confident attitude and the emotional interpretation.

7. Miki and Joan Garrido - Friday in love by The Cure

The performance by Miki and Joan was a bit disapointing and was probably the worst performance of the evening. Miki was a bit better in his parts of the song, with his vocals and the energy he brought. It was obvious that Joan is set for another nomination after he was twice nominated by jury and twice saved by his academy colleagues.

8. Marilia y Sabela - Cómo quieres que te quiera by Rosario Flores

This sweet and calming duet was brought to us by two beautiful and gentle voices – Marillia and Sabela. Marilia's vocal technique is incredible, and listening to her singing is really pleasant and calming.

This type of songs fits Sabela a lot and she is proving that the voters made the right decision by saving her from elimination a week ago. This duet was a total hit and we would listen to a playlist of lullabies/ballads sang by Marrilia and Sabela any time.

9. Julia - Born this way by Lady Gaga

Last came Julia, who earned herself a nickname this week – Julia Gaga. It was a solo performance, and singing alone proved to be both a gift and a responsibility for Julia. It was „breaking out of the comfort zone“ performance for Julia – and the biggest surprise of the night. Her previous performances were all ballads, and with this powerful song we have met a new Julia, who has the energy, knows her moves and is confident and secure in her stage presence.

What happened on the show?

Eliminated: África

With 80% of the public votes in his favor, Dave is the one who will stay in the academy. África's elimination was especially emotional for María, as the girls became true friends during the auditions and during their stay in the academy.

The fan favourite of Gala 3: Julia

This week, three contestants who won the most audience votes were Alba, Julia and Natalia. Julia proved that breaking out of the comfort zone was worth the effort, as she gained the most audience votes and the immunity for jury's nomination.

The nominees and saved contestants

Four contestants for nomination proposed by the jury were: Dave, Damion Miki and Joan.

The teachers from the academy choose to save Miki.

It was up to our the rest of contestants to save another one. Dave got the most votes, five of them, Joan got four votes and Damion got two votes. So, Dave is saved from another consecutive nomination.

Nominated: Joan and Damion

Our nominees of the third gala are Joan and Damion. It is now up to the audience to vote for their favourites in the coming week.

Do you have your favourites? Who would you like to see following Alfred and Amaia's steps on the road to Eurovision? Tell us in the comments!

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