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Germany | Meet the 2019 Eurovision Workshop Artists (7-9)

So far this week we've put the first six German workshop artists under the spotlight - finding out a bit more about those in contention to represent Germany at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Today we find out about the next three performers.

You can check out batch one here

and you can also check out batch two here.

Today we are looking at Barna, Dimi Rompos and Gregor Hägele.

Barna are the only named group that attended the Eurovision workshop this year! The name Barna stands for great sound, fulminant live shows and a boundless joy of playing and for the German trio who met in Barcelona in 2016 are now based in Berlin. Made up of Sam (Vocals/Bass), Julian (Drums) and Tobi (Keys/Guitar) are all musicians who have great stories to tell. Whether it be collaborating with Jamie Cullum, playing with Tommy Lee or representing Sam Rivers of Limp Bizkit - their experiences have provided them with a great pop rock sound. You can check out their latest single 'Amber Rose' below which keeps their sound and incorporates tropical beats. If we close our eyes we're pretty sure we can imagine ourselves on the Barcelona beaches!

Dimi Rompos was born in Hanau in 1990. From an early age her parents saw her singing potential and aged seven she begun to attend a private music school. Her first experience of songwriting came in 2004 where she then started a duo with her uncle called 'Famarama' - an EP was released several years later. Many fans were introduced to Dimi in 2015 when she auditioned for the fifth series of 'The Voice of Germany'. She found success on the show - progressing all the way to the semi finals. Eurovision fans may remember that 2016 German representative Jamie-Lee Kriewitz actually won the show that season! Since then Dimi has been hitting the recording studio, working on perfecting her soulful R&B and oldschool hip hop sound. Last December, Dimi released 'Landschwimmer' which you can check out below:

Gregor Hägele was born in Stuttgart in 2000 and at the ripe age of 18 he is the youngest performer invited to the Eurovision 2019 workshop. Fresh-faced Gregor had his first glimpse of fame this time last year when he auditioned for the seventh series of 'The Voice of Germany' last year and won three turns with his beautiful rendition of 'When You Love Someone' by James TW - which you can catch below. His winning streak didn't end there as he progressed all the way to the Semi Finals before being beaten by fellow workshop singer BB Thomaz. There isn't much else on Gregor online or any other original music so we are excited to see what he may bring to 'Unser Lied für Tel Aviv'!

Have you got a new favourite? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube and stay tuned for the last three candidates tomorrow!

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